Month of Art Stars: Artist's Choice!

For the month of June, I'm going to be doing a daily feature that is the return of the Month of Art Stars. Only I'm mixing it up a little bit this time around. Now, instead of me determining which artists to spotlight each day, I'm throwing it out there to the pros themselves! Each day, I will be featuring an artist (either currently working or from the past) chosen for a spotlight by another professional comic book artist who felt that this artist deserved some more attention. Do note that almost all the artists I asked gave multiple suggestions, so when I say that Artist Y is Artist's X's choice, do note that Artist X likely gave me 8-10 names and I just chose one of them for the feature.

The first featured artist will be up in a bit (and then this will be the archive for the whole month's worth of artists featured)!

Hope you enjoy the feature!

Day 1 - Mike Hawthorne (as chosen by Mike Avon Oeming)

Day 2 - Gabriel Hardman (as chosen by Mitch Breitweiser)

Day 3 - Toby Cypress (as chosen by Jae Lee)

Day 4 - Rick Leonardi (as chosen by Casey Jones)

Day 5 - Matt Camp (as chosen by Pete Woods)

Day 6 - Graham Nolan (as chosen by Mike Collins)

Day 7 - Sean Gordon Murphy (as chosen by Skottie Young)

Day 8 - Fiona Staples (as chosen by Frazer Irving)

Day 9 - José Luis García-López (as chosen by Dave Gibbons)

Day 10 - Chris Samnee (as chosen by Tony Moore)

Day 11 - Jacob Chabot (as chosen by Chris Giarrusso)

Day 12 - Jason Shawn Alexander (as chosen by Steve Epting)

Day 13 - Tim Hamilton (as chosen by Matt Haley)

Day 14 - Michael Norton (as chosen by Jamal Igle)

Day 15 - Irv Novick (as chosen by Stuart Sayger)

Day 16 - Agnes Garbowska (as chosen by Francis Manapul)

Day 17 - John Paul Leon (as chosen by Sean Chen)

Day 18 - Kelley Jones (as chosen by Chris Bachalo)

Day 19 - David A. Williams (as chosen by Patrick Scherberger)

Day 20 - Goran Parlov (as chosen by Cliff Chiang)

Day 21 - Alan Weiss (as chosen by Norm Breyfogle)

Day 22 - Jesse Marsh (as chosen by Paul Gulacy)

Day 23 - Giuseppe Camuncoli (as chosen by Marko Djurdjevic)

Day 24 - Jonathan Case (as chosen by Steve Lieber)

Day 25 - Everett Raymond Kinstler (as chosen by Tom Mandrake)

Day 26 - Rebecca Dart (as chosen by Pia Guerra)

Day 27 - Guy Davis (as chosen by Bob Fingerman)

Day 28 - Elizabeth Breitweiser (as chosen by Dennis Calero)

Day 29 - Jon J. Muth (as chosen by Dustin Nguyen)

Day 30 - Reed Crandall (as chosen by Aaron Lopresti)

BONUS DAY 1 - Rudy Nebres (as chosen by Mike Deodato)

BONUS Day 2 - Edvin Biukovic (as chosen by Goran Sudzuka)

BONUS Day 3 - Eduardo Risso (as chosen by Val Semeiks)

BONUS Day 4 - Terry Laban (as chosen by Alex Robinson)

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