Month of Art Stars: Artist's Choice - David Williams

Every day this month I'm going to feature the work of a great artist, only instead of me picking the artist to feature, they will be picked by their peers, fellow professional comic book artists who are picking out artists (from the past and present) who they think deserve special attention. Do note that most artists I asked about this gave me multiple answers and I picked out one choice out of a number of suggestions, so these are not definitive answers, like "Artist X likes Artist Y and he thinks all other Artists are terrible!" Here is an archive of the artists featured so far!

Today, we have the pick of Patrick Scherberger, who has been a major artist for Marvel Comics ever since he won the First Annual Comic Book Idol at Comic Book Resources back in 2004, mostly on Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man.

Patrick's pick is David Williams.

David first broke on to the mainstream comic book scene in the early 1990s, when he was one of the group of mostly young artists to draw one of the !mpact Comic line that DC did licensing Archie's superheroes (an idea that DC revisited when they purchased the characters outright last year).

David drew Jaguar....

Williams' most recent series of interior work was the Power Pack/Hulk mini-series from a couple of years ago...

The series allowed him, in the last issue, to draw basically all the major Marvel heroes versus the Hulk, so I'm sure that was a treat for Williams (click on the second image below to enlarge it)...

But primarily, Williams has become an in demand cover artist for both Marvel, DC and other comic book companies.

As you can tell, he has a real knack for expressions, and that's seen in most of his cover work - also, he has a keen sense of design, which is naturally quite useful for a cover artist.

Here's David's deviantart page.

Thanks to Patrick for the pick!

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