Month of African-American Comics - Spirit Bear #0

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Check out the archive to see what books have been spotlighted so far.

Today we look at Spirit Bear #0 by Tristan Roach (creator/artist/colorist/story), Nigel Lynch (script assist/editor) and Julian Moseley (color assist)...

Like Offset, the book I featured yesterday, the highlight of Spirit Bear #0 is Tristan Roach's dyanmic artwork, which really stands out. He has a strong command of not just action but also character-defining stuff, as seen in this sequence where our young hero argues with his learning computer over doing a history lesson over playing "historic" video games...

This is a very visually appealing comic book. The colors by Roach and Moseley are vivid and fit the style of the book perfectly.

As for the story, this is very much a #0 issue, as the majority of the issue takes place in the history lesson that sets up the world of Barbados in the future, a world where alien technology has led to a powerful new society, but one that still needs heroes (including young heroes like Static Shagz) to protect it.

This #0 issue sets up that world well, and with Roach's excellent artwork, you know it's going to look great.

You can read more about Spirit Bear at Beyond Publishing's website here.

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