Month of African-American Comics - Quincredible #1-2

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. A quick note - since this month is so relatively short, I'll be featuring an extra comic every week, for a total of 32 comics spotlighted! Here is a list of all the comics spotlighted so far!

Today we take a look at David Gorden's Quincredible #1-2 from Lion Forge Comics, drawn by Gerardo Sandoval and Carl Reed, with colors by Sai Studios.

Lion Forge has something called "Catalyst Prime," which is an umbrella concept behind a few of their titles. Do you remember how Wildstorm had a comet as the defining event for their superhuman characters? And Milestone had the "Big Bang" where chemicals ended up giving most of that universe's characters their powers? Well, here it is meteors. So a few of their books are dubbed "Catalyst Prime," even though they're not really connected other than the presence of the meteors. In this instance, a meteor gave young Quinton West the power of invulnerability. The only problem is that that's ALL it gave him. So he's still just basically a typical teenager, except he can't be hurt. So as you might imagine, that means that he'll have a hard time taking down supervillains unless he gets some serious training.

In the first issue, Gorden shows the young man at work, as he tries to take down a super-strong villain known as Big Brother. Quinton has to try ALL sort of crazy ideas before he manages to win. It is a fun issue, with a rollicking story and fine action artwork from Sandoval and Reed (Sai Studios has done a strong job giving the Lion Forge books a nice consistent look, coloring-wise).

Gorden, though, smartly uses the first issue to show us how this young hero, Quincredible, needs to improve. And that leads into the second issue, which is even better than the first, as Quincredible's mysterious next door neighbor begins to train him...

Very cool stuff and I love the recurring bit about Mr. C constantly ignoring Quincredible's super hero name and calling him other names. Gorden does a really nice job coming up with a real life approach to how someone like Quincredible WOULD go about doing things - parkour, aikido, this is how he would have to do it. Very old school Marvel style to it.

This is a very fun book from Gorden and crew. If you're interested in more, check out Lion Forge's page for it (along with links to buy copies of #1 and #2).

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