Month of African-American Comics - Nowhere Man Volume 2 "Jacked Up," Book 1

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Check out the archive to see what books have been spotlighted so far.

Today we look at the first book of Volume 2 of Jerome Walford's Nowhere Man: Jacked Up (I reviewed the first volume, which consisted of three books, last year).

To recap you on where we are with this series, Nowhere Man is about a police detective named Jack Maguire who shares his body with a super-powered agent named Zade. Due to sharing a body with Zade, Jack has super powers, but the more he uses the powers, the easier it is for Zade to take control of their shared body. Jack is dating his partner, Rose, and at the end of the first volume, he forces Zade to allow him to save Rose from a bad guy, despite it putting him into harm's way. So as we begin Volume 2, Jack is in the hospital and Rose is dealing with her own actions at the end of volume 1 (where she made a very violent decision in support of Jack).

This volume opens up with a striking prologue set at a cemetery...

The rest of the book mostly concerns itself with expanding the world of Zade (and the technology that allows him to "share" bodies with jack and give them both superpowers) and the world of Rose, as she is our point of view character for much of this book.

When Jack awakes, he very publicly reveals his powers and suddenly Rose is thrust into a major fustercluck. The issue ends with Rose about to make yet another difficult decision based on her desire to help Jack.

Walford continues to do a dynamite job with the artwork on this series. He is such a dynamic artist with a great sense of style. The action pieces practically leap off of the page.

It is impressive how well he has developed the supporting character Rose that she's so able to step in and handle a lot of the heavy lifting of this book. The cliffhanger sure makes you want more!

If YOU want more, check out Walford's website here, where you can buy all the Nowhere Man books your heart desires!

Jack Maguire, the lead character of Nowhere Man, won last year's Glyph Award for Best Male Character. You know, it's funny, for as long as I've been doing these Month of African-American comics bits, I don't think I ever mentioned that I was a judge for the Glyph Awards back in 2010. You'd think that would have come up during a month of African-American Comics reviews, no?

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