Month of African-American Comics: Mythallica Lux Nova Volume 1

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Check out the archive to see what books have been spotlighted so far.

Today we look at the first volume of Mythallica Lux Nova by Mikhail Sebastian (creator/writer/artist)...

The first volume of Mythallica Lux Nova is an interesting one, in the sense that it is really a set-up story for the "main" narrative of the series, which is a journey through time and space. This story tells us how two young adopted brothers, Aether and Caelum, GET trapped in time and space.

However, the story alone is a blast. It introduces us to the Solarian people and the two somewhat impetuous youths, Aether and Caelum...

It also introduces us to The Feed, the scary threat to the Solarian people...

That's one heck of an introduction, right?

Sebastian really excels at those bombastic double-page spreads.

This is a really fun, action-packed adventure as the two overmatched teen face of against some intriguing new villains. The werewolf-esque bad guy is probably my favorite, in terms of design.

There's a lot of strong pathos with the two adopted brothers fighting to save each other while also showing that they're not exactly used to combat like this (there is a great bit when one of them asks one of the bad guys to let go of him so that he can help his brother fight another one of the bad guys).

This is a strong introduction to the series.

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