Month of African-American Comics - Magic of Myths, Seasons 1-2

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. A quick note - since this month is so relatively short, I'll be featuring an extra comic every week, for a total of 32 comics spotlighted! Here is a list of all the comics spotlighted so far!

Today we take a look at our first non-American creator (I said that I'd allow Black British creators to submit their work, as well), Corey Brotherson and his ongoing series, Magic of Myths that he is writing with artist Sergio Calvet, specifically the first two "seasons" of the series.

The basic concept behind Magic of Myths is that a young New York City schoolteacher named Eve who was recently severely injured in some sort of accident (to the point where she will need constant physical therapy to just have a chance to be able to walk on her own power in the future) is given the opportunity to travel to a mythological dream world where she has the chance to be a warrior. Naturally, given her current circumstances, she jumps at the opportunity. The first "season" is the story of Eve's training, as she is given a number of difficult trials...

The second "season" turns the whole plot on its ear as we see Eve suddenly challenged with the question of whether this magic world of myths is really all that it is cracked up to be. Does she really want to be a part of this? This is intercut with a situation in the "real world" with Eve's mysterious father.

In this series, Brotherson does a strong job with the concept of myths, especially modern myths, like the ones that we make up about ourselves and our lives. Are they any less powerful than the ancient myths? I suppose we will find out as the series continues.

Calvet's work evokes a nice Kirby-esque feel to it that lends the comic a good deal of charm.

Eve is a fascinating lead and I am glad they framed it so that the first volume was alllll about us learning a lot about Eve - both her personality AND her personal history. So by the time the events of Season 2 take place, we know Eve so well that the story takes on an even greater significance since we know the lead so well.

This is an engaging series with charming artwork from the main artist. I hope to see more of Eve's heroic journey in the future. You can buy copies of the collected Seasons 1 and 2 at their website here.

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