Month of African-American Comics - Diskordia Volume 1: Feels Like Falling

All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books by African-American creators, based on submissions from the actual creators of the comic books themselves. Check out the archive to see what books have been spotlighted so far.

Today we look at the first volume of Diskordia, "Feels Like Falling," which collects the first nine issues of the series by Rivenis (writer/artist)...

Diskordia is sort of that place where nightmares and true horror meet. A young man, Jackal Black, is forced to enter Diskorida (through a toilet portal) and once there, he tries to make his way OUT of Diskordia, learning things about his environment (and himself) on the way out...


The highlight of the book is Rivenis' often epic depictions of this bizarre little world. His artwork at times is simply stunning. The colors also mesh well with his art to create striking set pieces, like this one...

or this one...

As a side narrative to Jackal's journey through Diskordia, we see a reporter on an in depth interview with a corporate bigwig who is also tied into the Diskordia. She shows how the outside world interacts with Diskordia.

Rivenis handles the plot structure of the series well. He opens up with two seemingly unrelated, simple horror stories and as times goes on, he slowly reveals more and more of Jackal's background as we see what it was that really led him to this point.


One thing that really impressed me is that Rivenis manages to give this first volume a true feeling of finality while still clearly keeping the story going (as two more issues of Diskordia have come out since the end of Volume 1). Diskordia was part of Comixology's Submit program, and it sure seems to have been a success so far.

One of the coolest characters in the book is Squidgirl, who becomes Jackal's friend and sort of bodyguard. She is still a mystery, as she is seemingly just a comedic violent character. I assume we'll learn more about her as we go along. Squidgirl is topless for most of the book, but eventually find a new outfit. Rivenis did a pin-up of her wearing sort of clothes, so I'll share that with y'all...


She's called Squidgirl primarily because she wears one on as a hat, of sorts.

All in all, Diskordia is a delightfully hypnagogic story with some often epic artwork. It's a real trip (in pretty much all senses of the word).

Here's the Comixology page for Diskordia. The trade will be $12.99 (for over 350 pages), but I don't see it actually offered just yet.

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