10 Movie Monsters That Could Defeat Godzilla (And 10 That Don’t Stand a Chance)


In 1954, Godzilla changed the course of movie history. While it wasn't the first giant monster movie, it's one of the most famous and popular. Created in response to Japan's (totally justified) fear of nuclear weapons, Godzilla is an ancient giant sea monster awakened by the powerful atomic blasts. Originally, Godzilla had a pretty straightforward goal: to wake up and then smash the nearest city. Over the decades, however, he's become known as the king of the monsters. He's fought with and against countless other monsters, most famously King Kong in King Kong vs Godzilla (1962). He was even a Marvel Comics character for a brief period of time, and at one point got shrunken down to human size and got into a fight with Dum Dum Dugan.

When it comes to monsters, it seems like Godzilla can't be beat. He may have started off by stomping on human cities, but he's become our best defense against other monsters. So, that begs the question: what monsters can beat Godzilla? There aren't many, but there are definitely some classic movie monsters that could dethrone the king. Of course, most classic monsters wouldn't even stand a chance, mainly due the size differences. Still, there are some surprising beasts and creatures that may not be as big, but they could still take Godzilla down.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken
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Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken

One of the most famous movie monsters ever would have to be the Kraken. Inspired by the mythical monster, the Kraken is massive sea monster made up of tentacles and razor sharp teeth (in most cases). Various versions of the beast have appeared in multiple films, most famously in Clash of the Titans (1981) and again in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

While Godzilla is pretty large, the Kraken probably has him beat. The most famous way the Kraken has even been defeated is by forcing it to look at Medusa's head, thus turning it to stone. Unfortunately, Godzilla's hands are just way too big to hold Medusa's head the right way, so Kraken takes the win.


Hellboy Old Gods

In Hellboy (2004), Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin attempts to open a doorway on Earth to deep space. His plan is to free the old gods, also known as Ogdru Jahad, are massive entities, clearly inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. They were imprisoned by the Right Hand of Doom, which is attached to Hellboy.

While Godzilla is pretty big, he's nothing compared to these entities. These are creatures where the mere sight of them can induce madness in humans. Plenty of people have looked at Godzilla and retained their sanity. It'll take more than atomic breathe to kill these gods.



Residing in the town of Derry, Maine, Pennywise the Clown is an ancient entity that preys off fear. Every 27 years, it awakens and stalks the children of the town by embodying their worst fears. It apparently originated from an interdimensional space, and may be as old as time itself, although its origins are somewhat vague.

Unfortunately for Godzilla, Pennywise is pretty hard to kill. It can change shape, and seemingly alter reality. Pennywise's main weakness seems to be the ability to overcome fear, which is a problem for Godzilla. While the monster is brave, he probably doesn't have the mental capacity to understand what Pennywise is and truly overcome its powers.


In The Evil Dead (1981), a group of friends discover the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the book of the dead. After playing a tape of a man reading aloud from the book, they accidentally summon ancient Kandarian demons, who slowly possess the group one by one. The victims are turned into deadites, bloodthirsty and deformed monsters hellbent on killing whatever they come across.

While an individual deadite may not be too much of a problem for Godzilla, the demons that spawn them definitely would. It's hard for Godzilla to fight a disembodied evil force. The fight would probably result in Godzilla getting possessed, which would terrible news for just about everybody.


The Blob

While the concept might be simple, the blob is still a freaky monster. First appearing in The Blob (1958), the monster is exactly what its name implies. A formless pile of slime, all it does is devour. The more it eats, the larger it gets. In the movie, the blob is stopped by freezing it, and then dumping it in the arctic.

This is a huge problem for Godzilla, who's main weapon is atomic breathe. This is literally the opposite of cold. If the blob were to grow big enough, it could simply eat Godzilla. It doesn't really seem like there's anything Godzilla could do to stop it, either.



In Pacific Rim (2013), Earth is routinely attacked by giant monsters known as the Kaiju. They arrive on the planet through an interdimensional rift in the Pacific Ocean known as the Breach. Humanity built giant robots to combat the monsters, but each attack seemed to get stronger and stronger. Eventually, the Kaiju starting coming through the Breach two or even three at a time.

This is why Godzilla would lose. The Kaiju share a telepathic link, and when one of the monsters is defeated, the rest back home learn. So, Godzilla wouldn't just be facing one monster, there'd be an entire army waiting for him. They'd slowly figure out his weaknesses and then eventually overpower him.


The Thing

In 1982, John Carpenter unleashed The Thing on a group of researchers stationed in Antarctica. An alien life form, it has the ability to infect a host a slowly replace their cells with its own. It can also assume the form of its victims, secretly replacing them one at a time.

One advantage Godzilla has is that the Thing seems to be vulnerable to fire. Unfortunately, it also appears to be very intelligent. While the Thing is never shown absorbing anything larger than a person, there's no reason to think it can't do the same to Godzilla. All it takes is a couple of cells to merge with Godzilla and it's game over.



In Predator (1987), a military rescue team finds themselves being hunted by the ultimate alien warrior. Using a combination of technology and natural abilities, the Predator slowly picks off the highly trained commandos until it's finally beaten by Dutch, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead of letting Dutch kill it, however, the Predator ignites a massive bomb that wipes out all evidence of its existence.

This really wouldn't be a fair fight for Godzilla. The Predators have interstellar spaceships, laser cannons, invisibility and tons of other monster killing gadgets. Also, once they learn of his existence, Predators would keep coming, hoping to take home a Godzilla sized skull for their collection.



Before he launched the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), James Gunn made Slither (2006). The alien invasion movie deals with a small town that is slowly infected by a tiny space parasite. It takes over almost everyone in the town, leaving only a handful of people to try and kill the invasion.

While Godzilla's size is usually a benefit to him, this is one case where it would really hurt him. The slugs in Slither are fairly small, especially in comparison to Godzilla. This means that he won't even be able to see them coming before they infect him. Once that happens, there doesn't seem to be any way for Godzilla to win.


Stay Puft Marshmallow

While it might seem silly to see Godzilla fight a giant marshmallow man, this is one fight the king of the monsters would actually lose. As he appeared in Ghostbusters (1984), the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man isn't just a giant sentient pile of marshmallow. He's actually the Destroyer, which is the form Gozer takes before killing all life on the planet.

It appears that Stay Puft may actually be invulnerable, as he survives being set on fire. He's only defeated when the Ghostbusters cross the streams and reverse the flow of the portal Gozer entered through. Since they don't make proton packs in giant monster sizes, Godzilla wouldn't stand a chance.


Aliens Queen

When the crew of the Nostromo first encountered the xenomorphs in Alien (1979), almost of all them paid with their lives. Since then, the aliens have gone on to become one of the galaxy's most feared creatures. They've been described as the perfect organism, but only by insane robots who admire the species' deadliest traits.

That being said, a xenomorph really wouldn't stand a chance against Godzilla, not even a queen. Also, the xenomorph's greatest threat, the facehugger, is way too small to possibly hurt Godzilla. It's not even big enough to cover one his teeth. Godzilla could just stomp right over an entire hive and not even notice.



Despite the silly name, graboids are actually pretty scary. They first appeared in Tremors (1990), where they terrorized a small town in Nevada. These underground creatures track their prey by sensing the slightest vibrations in the ground. They're fast, strong and can swallow a person whole.

Clearly, graboids wouldn't have any trouble tracking Godzilla. They can sense a single footstep, so following his city-shaking path shouldn't be a problem. Of course, once they caught up to him, they're out of luck. They can be killed with a single stick of dynamite, and Godzilla's breathe is slightly stronger than that.



Once the demon is unleashed, there's no stopping Pumpkinhead until it catches its targets. When a group of teens cause a fatal accident in Pumpkinhead (1988), a grieving father wakes the monster in order to get revenge. Nothing can can stop it, aside from hurting the person who summoned it. Even then, Pumpkinhead can only be stopped and is never fully destroyed.

It would be interesting to see Pumpkinhead fight Godzilla. The demon isn't just a mindless beast, so it's possible it could figure out a weakness for Godzilla. Once again, however, Godzilla's size is just too much for the demon to overcome. At some point, the person who summoned Pumpkinhead is just going to get stepped on.


The Leprechaun

Sometimes, it better not to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In Leprechaun (1993), a young Jennifer Aniston is stalked by a murderous version of the mythical creature. While it just wants its gold back, the leprechaun is pretty sadistic and has magical powers. Basically, no amount of gold is worth having to face this monster.

It's unlikely that Godzilla would ever steal the leprechaun's gold, so they probably wouldn't ever fight. That being said, the leprechaun's magic probably isn't powerful to hurt Godzilla. If the king of the monsters ends up taking a piece of gold for some reason, the leprechaun should probably just let him have it.


A Quiet Place monsters

One of the most unique horror films from recent years was 2018's A Quiet Place. In the year 2020, hostile aliens arrive on Earth and quickly cause society to collapse. These creatures have no eyes and hunt solely by sound. The survivors are forced to live life as silently as possible, as even the slightest noise can attract the powerful hunters.

These are creatures that can hear a pin falling, so they probably wouldn't have trouble finding Godzilla. While they're much smaller than him, if enough grouped together, they could potentially do some damage. Unfortunately, they're also susceptible to extremely loud noises, so Godzilla's scream gives him the edge.


The Wolfman

While visiting his family home in Wales in The Werewolf (1941), Larry Talbot sees a woman being attacked by a wolf-like creature. He fends off the beast, but is bitten during the scuffle. Talbot discovers that he has been cursed, and starts transforming into a werewolf when the moon comes out. Since that movie, werewolves have appeared in countless horror movies.

While they're strength and abilities vary, they never come close to being strong enough to take on Godzilla. Werewolves also have a unique problem when it comes to this fight, however. Even if a werewolf could bite Godzilla, that wouldn't kill the monster. Even worse, that'd just make Godzilla a gigantic were-zilla.



Based on Mary Shelley's classic novel, Frankenstein (1931) is one of the most popular films ever made. It tells the tragic story of Dr Frankenstein, who creates a frightening monster by reanimating corpses. The monster is larger and stronger than the average man, but the film version seemingly lacks a soul. It terrorizes a nearby village and causes mass panic.

While the monster may be a freaky concept, it doesn't really have any special powers. Sure, it's stronger than a normal human, but that doesn't really mean much when compared to Godzilla. Also, considering his fear of fire, the monster probably wouldn't handle Godzilla's breathe too well either.



During a trip to the Amazon, a team of scientists discover a scary monster in Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954). The Gill-man is believed to one of the last surviving members of an ancient race. This species is considered to be the link between aquatic and non-aquatic life on the planet. It's also super strong and murders a bunch of people, as monsters are known to do.

Unfortunately for the Gill-man, he doesn't have any special monster powers that help against Godzilla. He's just strong and can swim underwater. Godzilla is stronger and can also swim, so Gill-man should probably just hope that Godzilla keeps attacking cities and never turns his sights on lagoons.



In 1975, Jaws made movie audiences afraid to go in the water. It tells the story of a small island community in New England that's terrorized by giant great white shark. Jaws stalks the waters surrounding the island during the town's Fourth of July celebration. Basically, the town makes too much money from its beaches to close them even though a giant man eater is constantly eating men (along with women and children).

Once again, this is no contest for Godzilla. Jaws is just a big shark. While that might be frightening for humans, Jaws can't really hurt Godzilla. He might be able to nibble of him or something, but nibbling doesn't win fights.


Mike and Sulley Monsters Inc

Why do monsters scare children? According to Monsters, Inc (2001), it's to power their city, Monstropolis. The film focuses on Sully and Mike, are a child-scaring team, and they're really good at it. They travel to Earth through closet door portals and scare children as they're trying to sleep. Also, children's terrified screams are actually a renewable source of green energy, so good for them.

Look, Sully is great at scaring children, but Godzilla is not a kid. In all honesty, Sully sneaking up on him and making scary faces probably isn't even going to startle him. It's a real shame, too, because Godzilla can scream a lot louder than any kid.

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