"Monster Kid" fan favorite film to screen at CCI: San Diego

Official Press Release

SILOAM SPRINGS, AR – The trailer for "FLiP," a live-action short filmproduced by independent film company Spooklight Productions, can now beviewed on the company's official Web site.

The fifteen minute short feature, now available on DVD video from thecompany's Web site, SpooklightProductions.com, features the exploits ofeight-year-old Flip, "a little boy with a big imagination," who mustdecide how best to spend a birthday dollar which arrives in the mailfrom his grandmother. Being a child of the late 1960's, and a fan ofmonster movies and comic books, Flip decides his money is best spent onone of the novelties found in the back of an old comic. "Six to eightweeks later," what he receives in the mail is a far cry from what heimagines during the course of the short film.

First time director Kirk Demarais created and introduced "FLiP" as a"Web 'Toon" available for viewing on his popular pop-culture Web site,SecretFunSpot.com. Producer Todd Knowlton, owner of Spooklightproductions, optioned "FLiP" in order to create a short film based onthe character and his unique imagination. Knowlton, who also did theproduction design for the film, brought in Demarais to direct and editthe live-action version of his creation, Jamey Clayberg to handle thecinematography and sound editing, and Scott Alan Kinney to executiveproduce.

"This film was written, filmed, and produced by comic book and monsterfans," said "FLiP" executive producer, Kinney. "Other than that, we hadno prior film credentials--we just love this kind of stuff." Kinney, whois now co-producing "Killer Stunts, Inc." with "Die Hard" producer ChuckGordon and "Spy Hunter" producer Adrian Askarieh, also served as a storycontributor and second unit director for "FLiP."

"FLiP" is an official selection of five film festivals to date,including the Florida International Children's Film Festival, the SanDiego Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, the DallasVideo Festival, and is the 2004 Fayetteville Film Fest's "AudienceChoice" winner. In addition to critical acclaim, "FLiP" has screened byinvitation at "WonderFest" in Louisville, KY, and will screen at theupcoming "Monster Bash!" in Pittsburgh, PA.

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