Monocyte #4

With lyrically flowing writing and visually dominating illustrations, "Monocyte" #4 is a truly inventive and highly imaginative horror comic book. So much originality has been packed into each panel and every page that by the end, your eyes will not believe what they are actually seeing.

Menton3's endless attention to detail is awe-inspiring. In the opening splash page, the artist provides so many realistic features to the muscular pose. There is a definitively hyper-surrealistic look to Monocyte's demonic and apocalyptic world. Menton3 has developed a never-ending sinister world full of weird-looking demons and terrifyingly freakish creatures. For instance, the immortal demonic races, the Olignostics and the Antedeluvians, are given highly fashionable character designs and distinguishable features. At times, the artwork is so brilliantly experimental, using minimalist approaches, such as symbols, to illustrate the background.

Some of these shadowy and distinct images in these pages are truly unforgettable. During one of his fight scenes, the one-eyed Monocyte jumps in mid-air and Menton3 perfectly holds Monocyte's superhero pose, capturing different movements for the arms and legs. Interestingly, there is no dialogue to explain Monocyte's motivation and method of attack. The reader can immediately understand what is about to happen just through Monocyte's brawny physique.

The creative writing by Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari is very expressive, almost like poetic stanzas. Though the well-articulated dialogue is very stylish and readers will definitely need some extra time to understand the meaning behind the lines, they will certainly be engaged by the elocution -- but trying to understand what the characters are saying may take contemplation and effort.

The layout with Ghanbari's dialogue balloons coincides with Menton3's artwork to great effect. Eyes follow along with the words, which are specifically planted next to a precise point in the well-drawn illustrations. Readers will be amazed at how fully invested they are in the story, especially when the protagonist and antagonist are just standing and talking. You can automatically tell every conscious thought went into this project, into every single panel and page.

The end of a four issue-miniseries, "Monocyte" #4 ends on a satisfyingly spectacular note with astonishing artwork. Primary colors have been washed away leaving only shades of black and gray are in the forefront. A gritty hint of green is only used to emphasize the dialogue. When the last page is read, readers will want to know more about this supernatural world Monocyte lives in. With such tremendous effort and incredible attention to detail, "Monocyte" #4 excels as a worthy endeavor in fantasy storytelling and artwork.

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