Warner Bros. Reveals Lupin III Creator Monkey Punch's Aquaman Collaboration

Lupin the Third creator Monkey Punch, the pen-name of famed manga artist Kazuhiko Katō, collaborated on a drawing of Arthur Curry/Aquaman shortly before his passing.

The art was shared on Twitter by Warner Bros Japan. The piece shows a very Lupin-esque incarnation of Aquaman. The costume is specifically the version featured in last year's Aquaman film. While the Monkey Punch-drawn character is notably thinner than the broad-shouldered Jason Momoa, he still incorporates much of the character's overall design and look. The art comes in advance of Aquaman's Japanese home video release in July.

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Monkey Punch was famously a fan of American superheroes, citing DC Comics as one of his main inspirations as an artist. He was actually working with the comics company on a full series of collaborations centering around DC characters when he passed away from complications related to pneumonia earlier this year at 81-years-old. The collaboration reportedly includes other DC superheroes drawn in the Monkey Punch style, including Supergirl and Batman and a previously revealed picture of Shazam.

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Katō won numerous awards over the course of his career, including the San Diego Comic Convention INKPOT Award, the Rome Comic Festival ROMICS Gold Award, the AMD Award Achievement Award and the Tokyo Anime Award Animation Achievement Award. Katō spent most of his later career working less as an active manga creator and more as a teacher to future generations. H was a Professor of Manga Animation at Otemae University and gave a number of lectures about the growth and spread of manga.

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