Mondo's Red Rain Vampire Batman Statue is Perfectly Halloween

Not even a life of blood-drenched vampirism can keep Bruce Wayne out of his Batman suit, it would seem.

The latest statue from Mondo depicts a seasonally-appropriate vampire Batman; red-eyed, teeth sharpened to a point and cape swirling around a skull-adorned tombstone that simply reads “Wayne.” The statue doesn’t come out until 2017, but Mondo is currently accepting preorders.

The statue is based on the 1991 Elseworlds series “Batman and Dracula: Red Rain,” written by Doug Moench, in which Batman investigates a series of murders and discovers a vampire den led by none other than Dracula himself. Batman is irrevocably changed after the final confrontation with Dracula, himself reduced to an immortal bloodsucker.

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The series went on to receive two sequels, “Bloodstorm” in 1994 and “Crimson Mist” in 1999, that explored Batman’s vampire immortality and the fate of Dracula’s remaining vampire horde in depth.

The statue itself is not inspired by Kelley Jones’ penciling in the trilogy, but rather a Mondo poster by Francesco Francavilla inspired by the series. The statue and poster depict a more visually monstrous Batman than the one found in the source material.

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Preorders placed before Friday, October 14 have the option to select a limited edition version of the statue that includes an interchangeable stake-wielding right hand. The standard version is priced at $250 and the limited edition at $255.

The statue currently does not have a set release date, but is slated to ship in the second quarter of 2017.

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