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Mondo Marvel Panel @ WW Philly

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Mondo Marvel Panel @ WW Philly

No less a personage than Joe Quesada himself hosted the Mondo Marvel panel at Wizard World Philadelphia Friday afternoon. Aided and abetted by Dan Slott, Greg Pak, John Barber, Tom Brevoort and Mike Raicht, he gave a short slide presentation and answered questions from the audience. Long on humor and short on information, the hour left one with the impression that the real goodies were being saved for Quesada’s Cup ‘O Joe panel Saturday.

The presentation included cover and interior art as well as character sketches for upcoming Marvel projects, including:

“Moon Knight” – With two issues on the stands, this book has become “the water cooler comic,” the one fans are talking about. More hard-hitting and hard-boiled issues are on the way. Artist David Finch is planning to stay on the book for at least 12 issues, and Marvel will do what they can to keep Finch and Christos Gage on the book as long as possible.

“Hellstorm: Son of Satan” – A new Son of Satan book from Alexander Irvine and Russel Braun. For more information on the series, CBR News has an exclusive interview with Irvine here.

“Annihilation” – A new look at Marvels cosmic-level characters from Keith Giffen. The character sketch of Moondragon is a complete redesign from the cape and high collar look of the seventies. She looks harder and tougher.

“Zombie” – A new book from Marvel Max by Mike Raicht and Kyle Holtz was described by Mike as “..a bank robbery gone as wrong as it possibly can.” The book is unrelated to the hit “Marvel Zombies,” although a sequel to that book is also in the works. For more on “Zombie,” check out our interview with Raicht here.

“Beyond” – A miniseries by Dwayne (“JLU”) McDuffie that looks suspiciously similar to Marvel “Secret Wars.” The Marvel heroes find themselves in space. Who will make it back?

“Claws” – A Black Cat and Wolverine team-up by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Joseph Michael Lisner.

“Union Jack” – Springing from a guest shot in Captain America, Union Jack sill be appearing in his own limited series. For more on “Union Jack,” we have a pair of interviews for you, with both writer Christos Gage and artist Mike Perkins

“Giant-Size Hulk” – A one-shot from Peter David and Greg Pak. As has become the norm for Marvel Giant-size books, this one will include reprint material. In this case, a classic Peter David Hulk story.

As was the case last year, there will be Ultimate annuals again this year. “Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual” will feature the return of Mole-Man, “Ultimate Spider-Man Annual” will feature Daredevil, Punisher and other Ultimate characters, and “Ultimates Annual” will be a Captain America and Falcon story.

Peter David will be taking over the “1602” franchise with “1602: Fantastik Four.” No, that’s not a misspelling. Art will be handled by Pascal Alixe.

Finally, just in time for the television series, there’s a new “Blade” series by Mark Guggenheim. No artist has been announced for this series yet. For more information on this new “Blade” series, check out CBR’s interview with Guggenheim.

During the question and answer period, Dan Slott seized every opportunity to plug his “Thing” and “She-Hulk” books. “The Thing will go out with a bang!” he claimed. “If you want to see more Thing, buy the Trade!” JLX will appear in the final issue of Thing, as well as in an upcoming issue of Cable/Deadpool, but under a different name. She-Hulk will get back to the Starfox case in the fall, with a trial on Titan. Before that, she will need to deal with all of the Hulk villains currently taking advantage of Hulk’s absence. Other plans include a dinner date with John Jameson at his parents’ home. She will refuse to turn back into Jennifer Walters during her visit to J. Jonah Jameson’s home. This, along with other upcoming events, will turn J.J.J. from his current hard-hitting newsman persona back to “Crazy bat-shit Jonah.” Slott also has a Two-Gun Kid miniseries in the works. For more on the cancellation of “The Thing,” read our interview with Slott from earlier this week.

There will be more stuff spinning out of “Civil War.”

Asked about the media hype surrounding the recent revelation that DC is going to introduce a gay Batwoman character, Quesada said “Any time comics can reach the mainstream that way, it’s good for comics.” The fact that Marvel has done gay heroes before is not as important than that.

We will see The Inhumans next in “New Avengers” during “Civil War.” This will lead into more Inhuman involvement in the Marvel Universe. According to Tom Brevoort, the cold war with the Inhumans will get a little hotter.

Quesada confirmed that while the current version of Venom is not Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock is not dead. He’s alive, if not exactly kicking.

There are no current plans for an Ultimate version of Bishop, but “We’ll see.” However, Ultimate Cable will appear in “Ultimate X-Men” #75. There are also no more ongoing Ultimate series planned, although the limited series will keep coming.

Quesada declined to say when Daredevil will be getting out of prison.

There will be a new series of “Young Avengers.” While plans are not set in stone, it is currently scheduled for a February release. Before that, there will be a “Young Avengers/ Runaways” four-issue limited series. The scheduling is dependent on the availability of writer Allan Heinberg, whose schedule has become even tighter following being signed as a writer/producer on TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The new “Ghost Rider” series will feature the Johnny Blaze version.

We’ll see more Thor sooner rather than later. “Fantastic Four” #538 might be a good place to look.

Neil Gaiman’s “Eternals” series will be set in the Marvel Universe. Gaiman will tip his hat to the Marvel heroes without locking himself in to a close interaction. For a look at the new Eternals, click here.

Ronin will play a big part in “New Avengers” #26 and the post-Civil War Avengers.

The time ran out with the audience showing no signs of running low on questions. Fortunately, Quesada will be hosting his Cup ‘O Joe on Saturday.

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