Mon-El Will Be 'Friend and Foe' on Supergirl Season 2

When "Supergirl" season two kicks off in a few weeks, Kara will be dealing with a lot of changes. There will be shake-ups at work, issues with the D.E.O. and local law enforcement, Project Cadmus, and the mystery man who crashed in the pod during the season finale. According to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, all of those elements will affect and challenge Kara this season.

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TVLine is reporting that mystery man Mon-El will be both friend and foe to Kara this season. As previously reported, "The Vampire Diaries" actor Chris Wood will be portraying the Daxam survivor. In the comics, Mon-El once stood in for both Superman and Superboy, so it's possible he will stick around after Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has returned to Metropolis.

Kreisberg also shared why Clark and Kara are forced to team up in the first place. During the season two premiere, Project Cadmus will target both Superman and Supergirl, which will trigger a chain of events. This partnership will allow the cousins, "to spend some time in each other's lives, which they haven't previously gotten to do." This time together will allow Clark to help Kara "integrate both parts of her life into one," something she stuggled with in season one.

The introduction of Clark Kent into Kara's world this season will also bring forth another familiar face from "Superman" lore: Lena Luthor. Lena ("Merlin's" Katie McGrath) will be "trying to change the face of her company" after the incarceration of her brother Lex Luthor. Lena will even change the name of the company from "LexCorp" to "LCorp." No word yet as to why Lex is incarcerated, but it's an interesting way to allude to the "Justice League" films even though they are not set in the same universe.

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CatCo also looks to shake things up this season. With Calista Flockhart appearing in less episodes, Kara will have to deal with a new boss. According to Kreisberg, Snapper Carr's  ("Felicity's" Ian Gomez) character "is going to make Cat look warm and fuzzy." Considering Cat Grant was as tough as nails in season one and couldn't even remember Kara's name, Snapper might be an even greater challenge for Kara's professional life. Winn will also be leaving CatCo this season, which will allow him to develop technology at the D.E.O.

All of these new challenges will kick off "Supergirl" season two, which premieres on "Supergirl's" new home network, The CW, Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m.

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