Of Course, Momo's Challenge Is Being Adapted Into a Horror Film

Remember Momo? Turns out we're about to get reacquainted with the unsettling image that captured the Internet's imagination as a viral hoax in late-2018.

Orion Pictures has partnered with Roy Lee's Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise to develop a horror movie based on the sculpture, which debuted in 2016.

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The sculpture was originally created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso and was a part of a 2016 Tokyo exhibition. Its original title was 'Mother Bird' prior to the Internet twisting it into the viral sensation now known as Momo's Challenge.

The "challenge" reportedly encouraged children to either endanger or injure themselves, with hidden messages spliced into media content intended for kids.

The hoax gained popularity and mainstream attention after Kim Kardashian shared the creepy image with her Instagram followers, along with the unfounded warning to parents that Momo's destructive messages were hidden within YouTube content.

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Aiso's sculpture took influence from the Japanese myths surrounding ubeme—a name that translates to "child-snatching bird." Ubeme are supernatural spirits or yōkai prevalent throughout Japanese folklore, so there is compelling root fiction for the movie to explore.

Lee and Ichise have previously worked together, bringing The Grudge and The Ring franchises to life. Lee also produced New Line Cinema's It, currently the highest-grossing horror movie in Hollywood history, and is a producer on It: Chapter 2, which releases on September 6.

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