Moffat Promises Classic Doctor Who Writer For New Season

After six seasons as the series helm as lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat will step away from the wild and time-traveling world of "Doctor Who" at the end of its 2017 season, passing it on to "Broadchurch" writer Chris Chibnall. That means just one more Christmas special and twelve more episodes before the polarizing showrunner leaves all things timey wimey behind. But before he goes, Moffat is crossing a big wish off his bucket list -- and it's sure to thrill fans of the series' earliest incarnation.

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CBR sat down with Moffat and his latest Doctor, the charming Peter Capaldi, during New York Comic Con to talk Season Ten. We'll bring you a full report of that roundtable interview, along with a rundown of the BBC America panel that packed Madison Square Garden's massive theater. But we can't wait to share the sweet details Moffat dropped about exactly who will be penning this season of "Doctor Who."

"We have got some new writers," Moffat began with a crooked smile. "We're not rolling them all out now. Oh, I could do one fun thing. We've got Mike Bartlett coming in. He's just done 'The Haunted Hub,' a brilliant script from Mike Bartlett. He wrote the show 'Doctor Foster,' which was a big series in (the UK). Has it been over here? No? Well, it's brilliant, and he's a brilliant playwright. And he's been a long-time fan of 'Doctor Who.' He put his new hit series on hold for a couple of weeks so could write an episode of 'Doctor Who.' And -- oh, what the hell. For the first time ever, someone who wrote for the classic series -- and I'm not saying who -- is going to write an episode of the new series! Deal with that!"

Deal with that, indeed. So which classic-era writer is joining 'Doctor Who'? Share your guess in the comments!

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