Moebius' "The World of Edena" Lands New English-Language Collection at Dark Horse Comics

This October, Dark Horse Comics will release "The World of Edena," which kicks off a new series of hardcovers that collects the work of French comic book artist Moebius.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 344-page collection will include every story from Moebius' "Le Monde d'Edena" as well as the first English-language adaptation of "Sra." Originally released in 1983, the collection follows Stel and Atan, repair workers who tackle life's greatest questions on topics like sexuality, health and the nature of good and evil in a structured society.

"The World of Edena" will be the first installment in Dark Horse's "Moebius Library." The "Moebius Library" will include future collections, such as "The Art of Moebius" and "Inside Moebius," and translate much of the artist's work into English for the first time.

Moebius is the pseudonym of artist Jean Giraud, who also contributed to Western comics with "Blueberry" and "The Incal." In addition to comics, he created concept art and storyboards for renown science fiction films like "Tron," "Alien" and "The Fifth Element." He passed away in 2012.

"The World of Edena" goes on sale October 26.


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