MODOK reigns on web, then in September one-shot

Finally, Marvel is answering the one question on everyone's mind since Dark Reign began -- where the heck is M.O.D.O.K.?

We'll find out what the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing has been up to in June when Marvel debuts a four-part series on their Digital Comics Unlimited site called MODOK: Reign Delay. A one-shot collecting the series is due in September.

The book will be written and drawn by Ryan Dunlavey, who is doing his first work for Marvel. The creator posted about the assignment on his blog:

Yes, I assure you this is very, very real, not a joke, not a fan-comic or anything like that. This is a real Marvel Comic book set in the "real" Marvel Universe 616 continuity starring Jack Kirby's greatest super villain creation - George Tarleton, the Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing, written and drawn by the creator of such classic sequential masterpieces as "Jap Smasher" and "Diarrhea Dog". BELIEVE IT!!!

Dunlavey's previous work also includes Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics for Evil Twin Comics.

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