MODOK Donald Trump could be next year's Spider-Gwen

Amid the tumult of New York Comic Con, i09.com was able to zero in on one of the burning questions of the day: What would Donald Trump look like as various supervillains?

So one of the website's contributors headed down Artists Alley to ask a handful of creators, including Joe Staton, Jim Mahfood and Nathan Fox, to try their hands at it. And, boy, are we glad they did. The results ranged from Poison Ivy to The Joker to Ursula, but Fox's MODOK easily emerges the winner.

Let's see, Mechanized ... Oligarch ... Donald ... something, something? Whatever it is, it's destined to be Marvel's next big character find!

Along with the io9 feature, you can watch a time-lapse video of Fox in action below.

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