Modern Prometheus to Adapt Pope's "One Trick Rip-Off," McGinty's "Welcome to Showside"

Paul Pope's 1995 comic "The One Trick Rip-Off" is being developed for the big screen by Modern Prometheus, a new company formed by Z2 Comics Publisher Josh Frankel and filmmaker Sridhar Reddy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo is already working on an animated pilot based on "Welcome to Showside," the upcoming series by "Bravest Warriors" comic artist Ian McGinty. Henry Rollins is already on board as part of the ensemble voice cast.

Formerly Zip Comics, Z2 relaunched in 2013, and just last month unveiled a new line of creator-owned comics that includes McGinty's "Showside," which centers on a lovable kid with a monstrous secret: His father is the Great Shadow King who wants him to take over the family business of destroying the world.

Pope's "One Trick Rip-Off" centers on young lovers Tubby and Vim, who want nothing more than to escape their lives and the city that's been weighing them down. But to do so, they have to rip off Tubby's pals the One Tricks, the toughest street gang in Los Angeles. Pope will serve as executive producer of the live-action adaptation, while Reddy will write the screenplay.

These two projects are only the start of Modern Prometheus, which Frankel says will "work in tandem with creators so that their singular visions are celebrated in the translation of their comics."

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