'Modern Polaxis' travels through time, augmented reality

If your standard comics-reading experience, whether in print or online, has gotten a bit humdrum, perhaps Modern Polaxis is the solution.

The brainchild of Australian artist Sutu, it's the story of a paranoid time traveler, presented as his private journal, brought to life in an augmented reality comic book. Polaxis hides all of his secrets and conspiracy theories within its pages -- in the "augmented reality layer" -- which can be discovered by readers with an iPhone or an iPad and a free app (a beta version is available from the iTunes store).

Sutu has finished about 20 pages of illustrations and animation, and now he's turning to Kickstarter to help complete the project.

"I still need to create 20 more pages of illustrations, complete with animations and sound design in order to finish the Augmented Reality comic book," he writes on the campaign page. "As you can see from the video we've made great headway on the programming for the Augmented Reality technology. Now, we need to optimise that technology so that the app can manage 40 pages of animation and run smoothly on both the iPhone and iPad."

With 28 days left in the campaign, he's already raised $3,346 AUD (about $3,150 US) of his $9,000 ($8,475 US) goal. Be sure to check out the video (below), which demonstrates how the technology works.

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