Mockingbird Tops Amazon's List Of Bestselling Marvel Graphic Novels


In the wake of writer Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter due to harassment, the collections of the Marvel Comics series at the center of the story have become bestsellers on Amazon. Collections of "Mockingbird," which was cancelled with this month's issue #8, have shot to the top of Amazon's list of best-selling Marvel graphic novels.

"Mockingbird volume 1: I Can Explain" sits atop the online booksellers' list of Marvel graphic novels, while the Kindle version of that collection comes in at #3. Pre-orders of the second volume of "Mockingbird," titled "My Feminist Agenda," have also landed at the #5 spot.

When you expand to the overall list of graphic novel bestsellersall from all publishers, the three "Mockingbird" entries are all firmly in the top 50. The physical version of "I Can Explain" comes in at #8, while the Kindle version comes in at #25 and "My Feminist Agenda" sits at #36.

Though not one of Marvel's monthly best sellers in terms of single issue sales, “Mockingbird” -- illustrated by artist Kate Niemczyk -- was well-received by critics and fans during its run for its take on Bobbi Morse, the ex-Avenger and super-spy codenamed Mockingbird.

"Mockingbird's" surge in sales comes after series writer Chelsea Cain left Twitter due to harassment. In her final tweets, Cain -- a successful novelist and New York Times bestseller -- noted that she never blocked anyone on Twitter until she started writing comics last year. Fans showed support for the writer with the hashtag #StandWithChelseaCain. Of the events, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said on Twitter, “I stand w/ Chelsea Cain, condemn online harassment, and think the MU, and the industry, benefits & grows from diverse creators & characters.”

Cain further clarified the circumstances around her departure from Twitter with a statement on her website.

“Comics readers are 99 percent the best people you’d ever want to meet,” Cain wrote. “The other 1 percent can be really mean. Perhaps that statistic holds up across humans, in general, but in my experience, this is a different kind of mean. It’s misogynist and dismissive and obsessive and it thrives off taking down other people.”

Cain also clarified that she "did not leave Twitter because of rape threats or because someone had posted my address, or any of the truly vile tactics you hear about. I left Twitter because of the ordinary daily abuse that I decided I didn’t want to live with anymore. The base level of casual crassness and sexism.”

Amazon lists November 1 as the release date for "Mockingbird volume 1: I Can Explain" and April 18, 2017 as the release date for "Mockingbird volume 2: My Feminist Agenda."

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