MOCCA Audio Interviews with Devin T Quin, Keith Knight & Alex Robinson

On June 10-11 David Arroyo from the Comic Makers Podcast covered the MOCCA Art Festival for CBR. During his time there he managed to get a few audio interviews.

Devin T Quin had the most memorable scene in the movie "Comic Book The Movie." It's too bad his scene hit the cutting room floor. Devin is the creative force behind "Robots R Cool & Zombies R Jerks". During the Comic Con, Devin and his crew invested money in their comic, table and airfare in order to sadly realize that selling comics is not as rewarding as they thought. During their darkest hour, Mark Hamill's film crew were filming "Comic Book The Movie" and caught the artist in a moment of desperation. When the film was released, Devin became a symbol of the struggling comic book artist. Since that time Devin has continued to sell "Robots R Cool & Zombies R Jerks" as well as publish another book called "Living End."

David managed to catch Devin during one of his P.T Barnum moments. Download the MP3 here.

Next up during the show was Keith Knight. Knight is well known in the independent comic scene. After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Knight drove out to San Francisco in the early '90s. It was in the Bay Area where Knight developed his trademark cartooning style that has been described as a cross between "Calvin & Hobbes" and underground comix.

Knight is part of a new generation of talented young African-American artists raised on hip-hop; artists who infuse their work with urgency, edge, humor, satire, politics and race. His work has appeared in various publications worldwide, including Salon.com, "ESPN the Magazine," "L.A. Weekly," "MAD Magazine," the "Funny Times" and "World War 3 Illustrated." Three of his comics were the basis of an award-winning live-action short film, "Jetzt Kommt Ein Karton," in Germany. And his original comic strip art has appeared in museums and galleries from San Francisco (CA) to Angoulême (France).

Keith has published six books; four collections of his multi-panel strip, the "K Chronicles," and his first collection of single panel strips called "Red,White, Black & Blue: a (th)ink anthology," and most recently, "The Beginner's Guide to Community-Based Art."

His semi-conscious hip-hop band, the Marginal Prophets, will kick your ass. Their latest disc, Bohemian Rap CD, won the 2004 California Music Award for Outstanding Rap Album, beating out rap heavyweights Paris, Aceyalone, E-40, Too-Short, and Ice Cube's Westside Connection. Hip-hop music with a punk-rock aesthetic. Recently he has been nominated for a Harvey award for "Best Syndicated Strip or Panel" category.

David managed to sit down for a lively discussion with the artist. Download the MP3 here.

Finally, David spoke with creator Alex Robinson. Robinson is the creative force behind "Box Office Poison" & "Tricked." In 2001, he won the Eisner Award for "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition" for his graphic novel "Box Office Poison," published by Top Shelf Productions. The French translation of this book called "De Mal En Pis" won the "Prix Du Premier Album" at Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2005. He is a member of the Comic Art Collective.

Alex's second graphic novel, "Tricked," also published by Top Shelf, was released in August 2005, and was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Graphic Novel. Recently he has been nominated for a Harvey Award in the "Best Writer" & "Best Original Graphic Novel" category for his graphic novel Tricked.

David managed to catch a few minutes with the busy Harvey nominee. You can download that interview here.

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