Mobage Constructs "Transformers Battle" Mobile Card Game

Mobile social gaming platform Mobage held a press conference Tuesday evening in San Francisco to reveal its upcoming slate of games including "Transformers Battle" and "Blood Brothers."

Mobage, a Japanese games platform with over 1000 apps live in 150 countries, has long dominated the social games sphere in North America with "Rage of Bahamut," the card-based mobile fantasy game. Seeking to capitalize on its success, Mobage developer ngmoco:) is applying "Rage of Bahamut's" basic game mechanics to the classic robots from "Transformers."

Launching this fall, "Transformers Battle" allows players to collect a team of classic Autobots and Decepticons cards to take on in-game missions. "Transformers" will launch with over 200 characters from the original "Transformers" cartoon, known more commonly as the Generation 1 series. Characters revealed included Jazz, Optimus Prime, Ravage and Thundercracker.

"We're taking the original G1 cartoon series and we're putting a modern spin on it while staying true to the original look of each character," said ngmoco:) producer Tom Hess.

Each character will have two different cards, one for their robot form and one for their alternate, transformed form. If a player can collect both forms, they can combine the two into an even more powerful transforming Transformer card. Rare, legendary Transformer cards will feature animated backgrounds and characters, evoking the feelings of foil and hologram cards from physical trading card games.

Players will also have the option to mix cards from both Autobot and Decepticon factions. "As a kid, you just didn't buy Autobots," said Hess. "You bought both Autobots and Decpticons and said, 'Here's my collection of Transformers.'"

"Transformers Battle" will feature a unique campaign for both Autobots and Decepticons. Each campaign should feature about the same amount of plot as an episode of the classic cartoon series. The game will also feature a robust multiplayer mode, offering up to three on three battles between users.

The other game on display for the press was "Blood Brothers." "Blood Brothers" is a brand new IP by developer ngmoco:) that is, like "Transformers Battle," designed to run on the Mobage mobile platform. In the game, players take on the role of a recently-turned vampire who begins to question his own existence. As he travels the world, he gathers fallen enemies to create a unique army of "Blood Brothers" to help him on his journey. "Blood Brothers" features quest-based non-linear gameplay.

"We've created a fantasy IP that is about the anti-hero," said Clive Downie, vice-president of ngmoco:). "Imagine waking up and thinking 'Where am I?' Then you realize that, actually, you're a vampire. You're playing the role of the anti-hero trying to carve your way through this new world and trying to figure out what the hell happened to you."

"Blood Brothers" is already available on Android devices and will be released on iOS in August. Android users can also look forward to two new in-game events and a PVP mode to be introduced in August, as well.

"Transformers Battle" lands on iOS and Android devices this fall. "Blood Brothers" is out now on Android and releases later this month on iOS.

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