Mobage Announces "Marvel: War of Heroes" Digital Battle Card Game

Mobile social games platform Mobage held a press conference in San Francisco last week to announce their upcoming game "Marvel: War of Heroes" for Android and iOS. Best known for their incredibly popular battle card game "Rage of Bahamut," the number one grossing game on both Android and iOS, Mobage's Marvel-themed announcement was the latest in a series of upcoming releases recently touted by the company, including "Transformers Battle" and "Blood Brothers."

Based on "Rage of Bahamut's" game mechanics, "Marvel: War of Heroes" allows players to build their own team of super heroes by putting together a deck out of digital cards. "War of Heroes," developed by San Francisco-based ngmoco:), launches in late-2012 and will debut with hundreds of Marvel heroes and villains available for player to choose from and do battle with.

"You have a team of super heroes in your pocket," said Clive Downie, vice president of ngmoco:). "I like that idea, of having my team of super heroes in my pocket with me everywhere I go, to take on adventures and to take battling."

Art for the "War of Heroes" cards is being provided by established Marvel artists, including Sana Takeda, Adi Granov and more.

"Marvel is giving us all the guidance and the art direction and the storyline," said Allen Ma, senior producer at ngmoco:). "All the artwork in the game is original for the game."

The single-player campaign features an original storyline and puts players in the perspective of a lone hero. As you progress through the game, this perspective will switch from hero to hero. Ma gave both Spider-Man and Thor as examples of characters the story will focus on at some point. In addition to the single-player option, "War of Heroes" comes equipped with a PVP mode, guilds and ranking system, as well.

If you collect multiple copies of the same hero's card, you can combine them to make your character more powerful, and players can use S.H.I.E.L.D. tech to boost the odds by evolving and fusing their hero's powers. You can also unlock special combos by combining certain characters in the same deck, with a player getting a boost if they pair Black Widow and Captain America together, for example.

A code for a rare, secret promo card will be available to anyone who registers pre-launch at http://mobage.com/marvel. To get the card, users will simply enter the code in-game after it launches. A shot of Thor was shown on the screen as Downie explained the promotion, though he would not confirm if the god of thunder was indeed the secret hero.

After the Marvel: War of Heroes" presentation, Mobage also briefly showed slides from another upcoming title: "Monster Tracker." Coming to both iOS and Android platforms, "Monster Tracker" is billed as an updated Pokemon-style game, though most of the gameplay details are still being held back. From what was shown, the game does appear to be very similar to Pokemon, with players collecting monsters in a "monster scrapbook," And according to Downey, "It's Pokemon for the Pokemon generation."

"Marvel: War of Heroes" launches this fall for Android and iOS.

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