Mob Psycho 100: Reigen's 10 Most Ridiculous Special Moves, Ranked

Anyone who has watched Mob Psycho 100 can attest to the fact that the series just wouldn't be the same without Reigen Arataka. Although he's a total fraud, Mob's mentor brings all the comic relief viewers could ask for — and he has managed to save the day a few times, even without actually having psychic powers to call upon for help.

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Telekinetic abilities or no, Reigen has a tendency to use his scheming and wits to get the group out of sticky situations. And when those tactics don't work, he resorts to his "special moves,” an absurd series of attacks he uses in battle, most of which he passes off as resulting from psychic powers. Reigen's special moves are a running gag throughout the series, and they seem to get more and more ridiculous as time goes on.

These are Reigen's 10 most ridiculous special moves, ranked.

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10 Self-Defense Rush

Self-Defense Rush looks more ridiculous than it actually is — and to be fair, it does succeed in distracting and throwing off Reigen’s opponents, even the ones in Claw’s seventh division. When using Self-Defense Rush, Reigen essentially just rushes at his opponents, attacking them with everything he’s got. The “self-defense” component of the move is really just thrown in there in the hopes that Reigen is using the ability in self-defense — a comical way of pointing out how little thought goes into Reigen’s fighting.

While Self-Defense Rush might not work against ghost or spirits, it does surprise human opponents enough that they'll be thrown off due to Reigen's sudden assault. When they regain their footing, however, it's probably best if Reigen has already escaped.

9 Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike

Despite its long and humorous name, Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike is another one of Reigen’s special moves that manages to help him over the course of the series. He even uses it to jolt evil spirit Keiji Mogami out of Kirin Jodo's body, proving that, like Self-Defense Rush, it does have some use.

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Anti-Posession Jumping Knee Strike might not be a legitimate exorcism, but it does the job on spirits well enough. All Reigen has to do is strike a possessed person in the chest with his knee and either render them unconscious or kick the spirit out of them. Unfortunately, this move does nothing to destroy a spirit in its true form, but it can help anyone being possessed by one.

8 Hypnosis Punch

Hypnosis Punch seems laughable in theory, but it does give Reigen the advantage of surprise — especially when it comes to opponents who are too flabbergasted by his attempts at hypnosis to pay much attention to whatever else he’s doing.

Hypnosis Punch is exactly what it sounds like. Reigen pretends to hypnotize his enemy, something he obviously isn’t capable of — and then he begins punching them once he’s close enough to attack. It’s a clever move in the sense that most characters don’t see it coming, but it certainly would be more interesting if there were actual hypnosis involved.

7 Cheeseburger Tornado

Despite its absolutely ridiculous name, Reigen's Cheeseburger Tornado is surprisingly useful when it comes to handling enemies and contending with threatening clients. When using this special move, Mob's master throws his whole body into action, smashing his fist into his opponents face in the process. Spinning his body puts some extra weight into the attack, ensuring that he knocks whoever he's using it on unconscious.

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As to why the move is called Cheeseburger Tornado, its name is based off of the main attack of a children's superhero that Reigen used to watch on TV. This move would definitely be more ridiculous if actual cheeseburgers were involved, but...the name will have to be enough.

6 Banishing Salt Punch

Banishing Salt Punch has proven itself one of Reigen’s less effective special moves, but we do understand where he’s coming from. Salt is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits — though that seems to be mere superstition in the Mob Psycho 100 world.

Still, without psychic powers, Reigen resorts to the use of salt to get rid of his supernatural opponents. Throwing a punch in there is probably wise too, since, if the salt doesn't work, Reigen is still defending himself somewhat. And that leads us to another one of his ridiculous moves...

5 Salt Splash

Reigen’s Salt Splash is another move derived from the notion that ghosts and spirits are negatively affected by salt, but this one is even less powerful than Banishing Salt Punch. At least with the previous item, Reigen is doing something other than brandishing salt at the enemy.

With Salt Splash, Reigen essentially just throws salt everywhere and hopes for the best. It isn't exactly promising, but it might evoke enough confusion from his opponents that he'll have time to run away. How can an enemy catch him if he disappears in a cloud of salt?

4 Sorcery Crush

Sorcery Crush is one of Reigen's special moves that he uses frequently when it comes to his psychic business. It may sound like an offensive attack, but it actually just involves him using a massage to relieve the aches and pains of his customers — seemingly getting rid of any spirits haunting them in the process, though it's more likely that they're simply being distracted from the problem they came to him with.

And given the distraction, most of Reigen's clients who receive Sorcery Crush as a solution actually do leave satisfied with the man's services. Trying this move wouldn't be recommended in battle, but it seems to do the trick when it comes to making a few extra bucks.

3 Graphic Exorcism

Graphic Exorcism is another one of Reigen's special moves used in business more than in battle, and it solves problems about as effectively as Sorcery Crush does. With Graphic Exorcism, Reigen uses photo editing software to remove ghosts and spirits from the photos his clients bring him. To their eyes, the problem as been eliminated. Of course, viewers know that Reigen hasn't actually done any sort of real exorcism.

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Graphic Exorcism mostly serves to alleviate the anxieties Reigen's clients have about spirits following them. If there was a truly evil spirit around, however, it's questionable how much removing them from a photograph would do to help...

2 Aroma Runway Express

Aroma Runway Express is extremely similar to Sorcery Crush in the sense that Reigen uses relaxation to ease his clients' anxieties and apparently rid them of the supernatural with both special moves. When Reigen uses Aroma Runway Express, he sends his clients on a spa trip, complete with a Himalayan rock salt massage and oils. Whether these things scare away ghosts remains to be seen, but hey, the customer will smell a bit better at the very least.

Aroma Runway Express is probably one of Reigen's most ridiculous special moves, as he doesn't even do anything in the end. But hey, if his clients are happy to be sent away for a massage, who are we to judge? It certainly makes for a good laugh while watching the anime.

1 Anti-Esper Dropkick

Anti-Esper Dropkick is one of Reigen's most successful moves, and it helped them in the fight against the 7th division of Claw — although Reigen absorbing Mob's powers helped significantly more. Still, Reigen uses this move to do exactly what it suggests: dropkick his esper opponents. It's as effective as his other surprise attack moves, though we have to wonder why this one is exclusive to espers.

Anti-Esper Dropkick would probably work as well on a non-esper opponent as it would on an esper, but the name might just be there to make up for Reigen's shortcomings as a "psychic." He wouldn't be able to take on a true esper without Mob, but he makes a good show of it with his dropkick. It certainly had Ishiguro stunned for a few moments.

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