Mob Psycho 100: 10 Mob & Reigen Moments That Melted Our Hearts

Mob Psycho 100 might be all about exorcising spirits and having telekinetic abilities, but the series also touches on more relatable topics, like growing up and forming relationships with others. And one of the most dynamic relationships on the show is the one between Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama and his mentor, Reigen Arataka.

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While at first it seems like Reigen is merely using Mob for his psychic abilities, it soon becomes clear that the two characters have developed a deeper attachment to one another. Reigen is more than just Mob's master; he's a father figure to the kid, as well. Whether he's giving him advice about high school or stepping in to protect him from villains way more powerful than he is, Reigen looks out for Mob — and Mob returns the favor, even when it's clear that his mentor is faking his own psychic powers. Mob and Reigen have so many moments that melt viewers' hearts over the course of the first two seasons, but here are 10 in particular that gave us the feels.

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10 Mob Becomes Reigen's Apprentice

The series flashes back to the first time Mob and Reigen met on several occasions, and Mob was even younger and more adorable back then than he is during the present-day episodes. He wanders into Reigen's business after seeing the man's sign about being a psychic, hoping that the older man can teach him how to control his own abilities as an esper.

Reigen almost writes the kid off, assuming that every esper is a fraud just like he is. But when he spills his tea and Mob catches it with his mind, Reigen reconsiders. And even if his initial plan is to use Mob for his powers, it's hard to deny that he cared about the kid even then. It's also pretty darn heartwarming to see Mob's face light up at the prospect of having someone to talk to about his abilities.

9 Reigen Gives Mob Life Advice About High School

Over the course of the series, fans witness Reigen giving Mob life advice a few times, proving himself in a mentor in some regard — even if he can't actually teach Mob anything about being an esper. This begins as early as the third episode of the series, when Mob has trouble understanding the politics surrounding being "popular" in high school.

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Though it seems like Reigen will write off such woes as childish, he surprises viewers by saying, "Tell me all about it." And this certainly isn't the last time that the guy listens to Mob lament over troubles that come with being in high school. Any other boss wouldn’t even bother asking.

8 Reigen Takes On Claw To Rescue Mob

Toward the end of the first season of Mob Psycho 100, the criminal organization Claw kidnaps Mob's brother Ritsu, along with a handful of other psychic children who could have potential. Mob and Teruki sneak into Claw's headquarters to save Ritsu, but they become stuck there. Thankfully, Reigen shows up to save them. He pretends to be the leader of Claw — with a surprising amount of success — and fools the lower-ranking members of the organization into leading him straight to the boys.

Reigen also steps in to protect Mob from the higher-ranking members of Claw, all of whom are far more dangerous than the first group he encounters. That Reigen would put himself in harm's way for Mob's sake is very telling of how much he cares for the kid, and he does it repeatedly throughout the series.

7 Reigen Tells Mob That It's OK To Run Away From A Fight

The one thing Reigen has actually taught Mob during their time together is that he shouldn't use his psychic powers against other human beings — especially those who can't defend themselves. Admittedly, it's a questionable choice when he continues to preach this to his mentee, even as the evil spirits of Claw begin attacking them.

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But Reigen knows that Mob gets extremely stressed out when he's forced to fight other human beings with his powers, and he's willing to risk losing to Claw if it means that Mob will benefit from it. And it's lucky that Reigen proves how much he cares about Mob in this moment, because that's exactly what allows Mob's powers to transfer to him instead. Otherwise, the group may never have escaped Claw.

6 Mob Transfers His Powers To Reigen

Speaking of Mob transferring his powers to Reigen, Dimple’s explanation of why that happened make us love the two of them even more. If they weren’t so tapped into one another emotionally, that transfer never would have happened.

But because Reigen understands Mob — and Mob comes to understand just how much his master cares about his well-being — it works.

5 Reigen Tells Dimple That Mob Is Strong And Capable

Although Reigen is Mob's mentor, he never doubts his student or looks down on the kid. Even when they're in some seriously sticky situations, Reigen has faith that Mob will come through and save them. Such is the case when they take on Keiji Mogami, the most famous psychic of the 20th century who has turned into an evil spirit hellbent on convincing Mob that he should use his powers destructively.

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But when Mob attempts to leave his own body to break into Keiji's mind, it becomes clear that this spirit is a challenge for him. Dimple worries that they'll all be killed once Keiji comes to, but Reigen shrugs him off, telling him that Mob is strong and capable. His lack of concern may initially come off as cold, but it shows he has faith in the kid — sometimes, even more than Mob’s own parents.

4 Mob Prevents Reigen From Being Exposed As A Fraud

While Reigen jumps in to save Mob plenty of times during the first season of the show, Mob returns the favor during the second one. During the second season, Mob and Reigen have a falling out, which, comically, has more of an impact on Reigen than it does on Mob. Lonely and seeking purpose, Reigen begins making television appearances and becomes famous for his psychic abilities — something that backfires when people start to realize he's actually a fraud.

Just when it seems like Reigen might face serious legal consequences for his lies, however, Mob steps in to help him, even though the two haven't spoken in months. During a press conference Reigen holds to address the accusations against him, Mob uses his psychic powers to make everything in the room float. And since the audience can't see Mob, they assume that it's Reigen's doing — effectively clearing him of their charges.

3 Mob Tells Reigen He's Always Known What His Master Really Is

After Mob rescues Reigen from a nearly detrimental press conference, the two share a touching moment outside of the building. Reigen asks if Mob "knows," wondering if his student is aware that he doesn't truly have psychic powers. Mob's response? He's always known what his master is: a genuinely good guy.

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Even Reigen tears up during this scene, and he's not a character that's typically overtly emotional. If Mob's sentiment provokes that much emotion in his master, imagine what it does to the audience. This is definitely one of those scenes viewers should keep tissues onhand for.

2 Reigen And Dimple Worry About Mob

The second season of Mob Psycho 100 temporarily takes a surprising turn, leading fans to believe that Claw returned for Ritsu and killed Mob's parents in the process. Of course, it's later revealed that Mob's parents survived the fire set by the psychic organization, but things are unclear for a while there.

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And as can be expected, Mob doesn't handle the possibility of his parents being dead incredibly well. After his meter goes well past 100 percent, Dimple tells him that there's a chance his family might have survived, and he collapses. Dimple and Reigen take care of him while he's knocked out, and they worry about him the entire time — proving themselves Mob's second family.

1 Reigen Stands Up To Toichiro

Toichiro Suzuki is the founder of Claw, as well as the big bad of the second season of Mob Psycho 100. He's one of the only espers who can actually present a challenge to Mob, with powers that rival the boy's, as well as the ability to steal the lesser talents of other espers.

And during his altercation with Mob during the final few episodes of the season, Toichiro does some pretty serious damage to the kid. Just when it looks like he might actually defeat Mob, though, Reigen steps in, aiming a gun at Toichiro. Of course, with his telekinetic abilities, that's a small threat to the leader of Claw — but the fact that Reigen is willing to put himself in the line of fire repeatedly, even against such a powerful opponents, emphasizes how much Reigen cares for his student.

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