Thor: 15 Hidden OP Abilities Of Mjolnir Only True Marvel Fans Know About

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, was forged in the heart of a dying star. When given to Asgard, it was the weapon of a true king, and one that could only be wielded by those who are worthy. After the God of Thunder began using to protect the Nine Realms, he discovered that it had a series of impressive abilities to help him get ahead in battle. Among those powers, it had such force that it could pull Thor off the ground as well as return to his hand.

As he would grow more fond of the hammer, we would see Thor use it in new and exciting ways (both in the comics and the MCU). Now that the hammer has been destroyed and Thor uses an axe as of Avengers: Infinity War, we're looking back at other powers Mjolnir had in the comics that never made it on the screen. Most people wouldn't have any clue that the mighty hammer could do any of these things. Only real fans would be able to tell you about these 15 mighty abilities that Mjolnir possesses. If you thought it was OP in the MCU, just wait until you hear about the crazy things it could do in the comics.

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When you start reading comics, you quickly learn that there are certain plot twists and character developments that don't make a lot of sense. That rings true for some of Mjolnir's abilities. The writers at Marvel started getting a little more creative the longer that the hammer was around. This led them to some insane powers and panels that never would've appeared anywhere in the MCU.

One of the stranger powers it showed was during the time when Jane Foster was Thor.

The hammer proved to have a mind of its own and using a sizable amount of energy, it was able to create a physical form for itself and move and speak like a regular person. While this was an impressive ability, it wasn't something that Mjolnir could maintain for very long. After it uses this power, it has to spend years recharging the energy to do it again. As a matter of fact, it could take hundreds of years before it fully recovers. That said, it was oddly heartfelt when Mjolnir was discussing to Jane Foster why it chose her as its wielder for so long. It may be an inanimate object, but when Jane was dealing with cancer, there's some meaning there.


Mjolnir has been proven to fare well against giant monsters in battle. In the very first Thor film, we saw the God of Thunder take out a Frost Giant monster with one fell (yet very vicious and powerful) stroke. In the comics, his hammer can bash through just about any foe that comes his way. He can take on the Hulk, and even fight through one of the strongest substances in the Marvel Universe, vibranium. The only metal that the Uru of Mjolnir can't seem to crush is adamantium, which means that Wolverine might have an advantage against the Prince of Asgard.

However, Thor has used his hammer in fights much bigger than just regular heroes and villains. Mjolnir has proven effective against Celestial beings on the level of Galactus and Eson. The Uru that houses the hammer is so powerful that it can crush through their armor. Considering that they were beings that were in the universe before the universe had a name, that's an impressive feat in and of itself. In the comics, Thor battled a Celestial and used Mjolnir to pass through its armor and into its skull. The Celestial was vanquished, but the strain on Mjolnir was heavy enough that it shattered in the aftermath.


One of Mjolnir's defining traits is that it cannot be used by just anyone. Even in the MCU, the hammer has been renowned for only being able to be picked up by those who were worthy. This was an enchantment placed there by Odin. Theoretically, anyone would be able to lift it without the King of Asgard's intervention. However, we're all aware that the hammer doesn't work like that. While the rules as to what constitutes "worthiness" according to the enchantment are a little foggy at best, we've all accepted that Mjolnir is only for those who deserve it.

Despite how powerful the hammer is, though, there are still several times where the hammer has been broken.

One would assume that, once the weapon is shattered, all of the enchantments surrounding it would then be thrown by the wayside and ineffective. That's not the case. Even when Mjolnir has been broken in two, the pieces still cannot be lifted by someone who is unworthy. This would make reforging the hammer all the more difficult if those remnants were scattered across the universe. A Thor comic could suddenly turn into a stereotypical video game where the God of Thunder travels to various dungeons.


One of the most useful powers that Mjolnir grants its bearer is that it can return to them if they hold their hand out and they will it to come back to them. This has been often portrayed in the MCU as well as the comics. Because of it, Thor has quickly learned how to use it to his advantage, busting through waves of enemies only to call it right back to his grip to go in for the finishing blow. That said, the degree to which Mjolnir can return depends on the willpower of its user.

Let us explain. If someone with a weak mind tries to call back Mjolnir, there are only certain objects it will pass through and a limited distance that it can travel. If someone with a strong will decides to call it back, then the potential is much greater. Mjolnir can travel through galaxies to get back to its wielder. What's more impressive, though, is that if a planet is in the way of the hammer, Mjolnir can bust right through it without losing any momentum. Mjolnir is truly a weapon of the gods, but it's also a bit dangerous -- it can do more than just mess up the Sanctum Sanctorum.


The first time we saw Mjolnir in the MCU, it was in the hands of Thor as he was taking on hordes and hordes of menacing Frost Giants. Throughout the battle, the God of Thunder was seen emanating lightning from the hammer. Most people would assume that this is because Thor has power over lightning. With a good charge up, he can launch himself in the air and come back down to cause massive damage in the area around him. The reality is that the hammer can do so much more than just that already impressive feat.

Mjolnir itself can control the weather.

Not only would this aid in Thor's mastery of lightning, but it does much more. On top of conjuring thunderstorms, Mjolnir can also create natural disasters like hurricanes. It can also alter the clouds to make snow fall and even create its own blizzard if its wielder is strong enough. There is a lot of potential when using this hammer that most people wouldn't even dream of holding. We did see a bit of this in the first Thor movie, when the title character fought the Destroyer by creating a tornado that would lift it off the ground.


Mjolnir has been shown to be able to channel large amounts of energy. Whether it be in the form of lightning or Thor's raw strength, it has the capacity to carry a lot of force before releasing it. Along with various other abilities, Mjolnir has the strength to expel its own energy as well as channel the energy of others into much stronger attacks. When its wielder is the God of Thunder and descended from a long line of individuals who ruled over the realm of Asgard, the hammer has a much greater potential to deal serious damage.

Thor can call upon the energies of other Norse Gods and use them during battle. With the help of his trusty hammer, he can channel these attacks to unleash a single blast that has the power to destroy just about anything it touches. This move was labeled the God Blast, and Thor would use it in the most dire of situations. It was how he managed to take on Celestials and live to tell the tale. He even wound up doing a number on Galactus, who then had to flee in awe of the God of Thunder's might. Many other  mighty a villain has fallen to the God Blast over the course of the years.


Comics have a weird sense of power scaling. They'll start off by introducing a character who can't be beaten by anyone, then they'll come up with some way to destroy them. After that, the power levels have to keep going up and you begin to realize that they're running out of names to use. DC made a big deal about the Anti-Life Equation that the Anti-Monitor could use to then destroy all life in the universe. Marvel isn't above having these seemingly ridiculous names themselves, as even the mighty Thor was involved with a few.

One such ludicrous name was the anti-force, which was an ability that could be unlocked by Mjolnir.

Being an offshoot of the energy blast capabilities of the hammer, it was similar to other powers the God of Thunder could use with his hammer. Where this one is different is in its raw strength. It's not a combination of other energies nor is it just some lightning. The anti-force that Thor could shoot from Mjolnir that was so strong that it could obliterate an entire planet almost instantly. No living being stood a chance when Thor shot a blast of the anti-force at them, and they would end up as nothing more than dust.


Mjolnir is often used as an offensive weapon. Being an object that can be thrown and return to its wielder's hand means that it was designed for winning just about any fight. That said, it had plenty of defensive uses in the heat of the moment. In Thor: Ragnarok, we see Thor use it to defend himself against a blast of fire from Surtur. It seems like there's no substance that can overtake the God of Thunder when he uses the hammer.

The comics allow Mjolnir to be much more impressive, though. With the right amount of concentration, Thor was able to use Mjolnir to generate force fields and barriers made of pure energy around whatever he wished. These barriers weren't just any regular defense mechanism. They were so sturdy that they were nearly impenetrable. Thor has even hinted at the extent of the strength of this barrier. He stated that it would hold firm even from a cosmic attack that was strong enough to blow up an entire planet. This force field was even capable enough to withstand the blast of a life bomb, which had the potential to wipe out a fraction of the entire universe in a matter of seconds.


Thor, being the heir to the throne of Asgard, is tasked with protecting the Nine Realms. While Odin is more than capable of doing it, Thor has the free time so that his father can stay with their people. Because of this, Thor has to often hunt down all sorts of godlike creatures in order to prevent them from destroying planets. He also has to deal with the affairs of other worlds so that they don't fall into chaos.

However, he has to have a way of finding these problems in order to deal with them.

This is where Mjolnir comes in. Having a penchant for storing and releasing energy, the hammer can also track the energy of others and communicate to Thor where the source is. It has a particular interest in supernatural energy, which is quite useful for the God of Thunder, considering that he has to snuff out some of the deadliest supernatural threats in the entire Marvel Universe. On its best days, the hammer can also track a person, considering that everyone gives off some sort of energy. This means that, if Thor was on the hunt for someone, there would be no realm or barren moon where he couldn't find them.


Being one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, Thor has to go on a lot of space adventures in order to handle some of the bigger foes in the galaxy. Where Captain America and Iron Man are fighting modern-day terrorists, Thor is fighting immortal demons and fire lords to protect the Nine Realms. Due to how powerful these foes are, they will often resort to throwing a blast of energy at the God of Thunder. Considering how frequently this occurs, Thor needs some sort of strategy to counter it. Enter Mjolnir.

We've seen Mjolnir able to deflect energy and projectiles in the movies, but it can do much more than that. Mjolnir can actually redirect energy, meaning that, if someone were to throw fire at Mjolnir, Thor would be able to deflect it right back into his opponent's face. On top of that, the mighty hammer can also absorb other energies. Then, when Thor is feeling ready for a more powerful attack, he can send it all right back even stronger than before. In the comics, he's been able to absorb or redirect the entire life energy from Ultron and even the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer.


Thor is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, but that doesn't mean he is unbeatable. There are several times when another character proved too strong for him to face, and he had to call for backup or think of a creative solution to win the fight. With the help of Mjolnir, though, he is guaranteed to win just about any fight if the situation becomes too dire. The best part is that is has nothing to do with the force, density, or sheer strength of the hammer itself.

One of the most impressive abilities that Mjolnir possesses is being able to alter molecular structure.

Thor can use the hammer to take one element and shift it around to create an entirely different one. Theoretically, he would be able to break someone apart by the molecule if he wanted to. What's even more impressive is that the hammer uses this ability in tandem with alpha particles to be able to turn just about any other object into a pile of atoms. This would definitely be something quite ridiculous and difficult to put on the big screen, so don't expect Chris Hemsworth to defeat Thanos that way.


Thor had to have a strong moral compass in order to wield Mjolnir, but that doesn't make him perfect. There are times when he does something that makes him no longer worthy to wield the hammer. He has made his fair share of mistakes and has to deal with the consequences. That said, when he is worthy but still manages to screw up, Mjolnir has one of the most useful abilities for the prince of Asgard to use. It's essentially a reset button for his mistakes, and it's being able to raise the dead.

Comic books have no qualms with bringing people back from the dead, so it makes sense that Thor would do it at least once. However, it wasn't used for any massive resurrection. This power isn't used much (probably out of fear of it being too powerful) and Thor used it to bring back someone he had killed by mistake. You heard right. Thor killed someone who was innocent and used Mjolnir as a way to not deal with the consequences. Perhaps the Stormbreaker axe will take a page from this ability and will be how Thor will revive the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers 4. 


The Marvel Universe is largely comprised of regular people who underwent extraordinary circumstances to become the legendary protectors of the world -- that goes for both the heroes and villains. However, there is a corner of the universe that is inhabited by those who know how to practice magic and will use it for either good or evil. Considering that he is from the realm of Asgard, Thor has dealt with his fair share of magic and always has to be prepared when Loki tries to cast a spell on him when he's not looking.

Once again, this is where Mjolnir makes Thor a little too powerful at times.

Having a knack for sniffing out magical energy, the hammer can also counter it. Mjolnir can see a spell or enchantment and get rid of it so that Thor and his opponent are on more equal playing fields. Thor used this ability when he was fighting Juggernaut to remove the mutant's invulnerability. There was no way the God of Thunder would've beaten him without it. He was also able to use Mjolnir to counter the demon Mephisto and prevent him from taking the souls of numerous individuals to Dormammu's Realm: the Dark Dimension.


Thor is often one of the most noticeable comic book characters ever created. Flying around through space with his beautiful blond hair and bulging muscles, it's easy to recognize him at a distance. Everyone in the Nine Realms knows his name and (to an extent) prepared for his imminent arrival. However, Thor can't solve all of his problems by throwing his hammer at it or summoning some lightning to come crashing down. Certain situations require a smarter strategy, one where the God of Thunder has to be much more inconspicuous. How do you make the God of Thunder blend in, though? You use Mjolnir, which has yet another overpowered ability.

That hammer would easily identifiable by just about anyone, so Mjolnir can change its appearance into other common objects (in Thor: Ragnarok, it took the appearance of an umbrella). However, if it wants to remain unseen entirely, it can turn itself entirely invisible. This was extremely helpful when Thor was disguised on Earth as Donald Blake. He could've looked like an average Joe and had all of the little details just right, but if he still had that hammer on him, everyone would know that it was just Thor in disguise.


Thor Odinson has tackled some of the biggest foes in the Marvel Universe. He has battled demons, monsters, and even the Goddess of Death. He has had to use some extreme measures in order to beat these enemies. With his trusty hammer, he has managed to fell even the biggest of cosmic entities. However, there are some battles that can't be immediately solved with Mjolnir. Sometimes, the biggest conflicts happen in different time periods. Thor knows he needs to intervene, but how does he get to the proper era? Sure, he could call on Doctor Strange for help, but he can also use Mjolnir.

The hammer has been shown to manipulate time.

It can throw Thor through different time periods to take on different enemies. What makes this ability so interesting (apart from how simply overpowered it is) is that Marvel could adapt this obscure power in Avengers 4. It's heavily rumored that time travel is the way Earth's Mightiest Heroes are going to defeat the Mad Titan and restore the timeline to how it should've been. Because Doctor Strange doesn't have the Eye of Agamotto, they're going to need some other way to launch themselves through different periods in MCU history.

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