Mister Sinister Descends on Marvel Contest of Champions

An iconic X-Men villain is coming to the popular mobile fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions: Nathaniel Essex, better known to comic book fans as Mister Sinister.

The genetically enhanced villain comes to the fighting game with his formidable powers of superhuman strength, telekinesis and the ability to generate blasts of concussive energy.

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The character possess synergy bonuses when teamed with Cable, Magneto, Cyclops and the Phoenix, reflecting his dark obsessions with Scott Summers and his family.

First created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1987's Uncanny X-Men #221, Mister Sinister has been a frequent antagonist for the X-Men. Obsessed with genetic enhancement and the mutant genome after the death of his son in Victorian London, Essex entered an alliance with Apocalypse and experimented on himself, attaining superpowers and prolonging his lifespan. Behind-the-scenes, Sinister has orchestrated many of the major events in Cyclops and Gambit's lives, including arranging the birth of Cable by creating a clone of Jean Grey in Madelyne Pryor and causing the massacre of the Morlocks.

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Marvel's Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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