Mister Miracle Takes Skip Month in June

When DC Comics releases its official solicitations for the month of June 2018 later today, don't expect to see Mister Miracle #10 among the offerings.

Mitch Gerads, the artist on the 12-issue series, has announced on Twitter that Mister Miracle will skip the month of June. He explained that fatherhood has gotten in the way of keeping to his deadlines, and instead of rushing the art and sacrificing the quality of the book, the team decided to delay a month.

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First debuting back in August 2017, Mister Miracle by Tom King and Gerads has been a critically acclaimed series. The book is currently solicited through issue #9, due to be released in the beginning of May. Gerards is a new father, and much of the story dealing with Scott Free and Big Barda becoming parents is based around his personal experience.


Mister Miracle is expected to pick back up in July with issue #10 of the 12-issue series. If the book sticks to a monthly schedule after that, the final issue should be published in September. This isn't the first high-profile series at DC Comics that has been hit by delays. Issue #4 of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Doomsday Clock was previously pushed back to late March, showing just how difficult it can be to hit deadlines.

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