Scott Free Adjusts to Fatherhood in Mister Miracle #8 - But Is It a Facade?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Mister Miracle #8, by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

You can be a doctor, a lawyer, or – in Scott Free’s case – the Highfather of New Genesis, but regardless of what you are, when you become a parent, it immediately takes over as your primary job. In fact, while it might sound clichéd, in many cases, it’s a life lesson you don’t learn until you actually become a parent, and in Mister Miracle #8, class is in session for Scott Free.

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As the issue begins, we see that Scott and his forces have wasted little time resuming their war against the armies of Apokolips (apparently, there’s no FMLA for New Gods). However, it only takes a single page for Tom King and Mitch Gerads to transport us from one battlefield to another.

A highlight of King and Gerads’ work on Mister Miracle thus far isn’t actually the miracles, but rather the mundane, and watching Scott perform routine fatherly duties like warming Jacob’s bottle and singing him lullabies is a perfect example of this. Like many parents, though, Scott has to balance his responsibilities at home with his responsibilities at work, which – for him – means constantly shifting gears between father and Highfather.

Scott Free and Funky Flashman discuss the important things in life.

Even while a New Genesian tends to his battle wounds on the war-torn wasteland, though, Scott’s mind is still on his son, as he uses his Mother Box to talk with Big Barda about Jacob’s refusal to sleep through the night. Then, back at home, we see him argue with Funky Flashman after the Stan Lee pastiche places a stuffed Batman doll in Jacob’s crib, which Scott argues is a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk. Meanwhile, whenever Scott’s tending to the homestead, it’s Barda who’s leading the New Genesis army in his stead.

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Ultimately, what Mister Miracle #8 boils down to is that, even for superheroes, parenthood isn’t easy. Often times (at least in the beginning), it means spending less time with your partner, because whenever one of you is working, resting or otherwise occupied, the other one is watching the baby, and vice versa. It also means reevaluating your priorities, because the things that used to seem so important, like, say, fighting a war against Apokolips, suddenly take a backseat to hearing your baby say their first words.

Hopefully, the implication that his son could be the key to his ongoing existential crisis doesn’t mean Scott’s profound journey from Mister Miracle to Highfather to Jacob’s father will end in heartbreak. After all, that’s one emotional trap even the world’s greatest escape artist wouldn’t be able to break free of.

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