Mister Miracle Artist Mitch Gerads Explains Why DC Axed His Batman Cover

Artist Mitch Gerads has explained why DC Comics decided against using his original cover for Batman #74.

Gerards' cover features Batman in a soldier-inspired take on his costume, under fire from unseen assailants. However, DC pulled the cover for initially undisclosed reasons. Posting to Twitter, Gerads explained DC Comics was apologetic about the situation, but "the story that takes place in the issue has changed considerably from when I first did the cover... cuz of its popularity they tried to keep it, but it no longer makes sense with the story direction." He then explained his hopes the cover would eventually be used elsewhere.

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Gerads is a frequent collaborator with Batman writer Tom King, providing many covers for his Batman run. The issue was initially solicited to be the final installment of "The Fall and the Fallen" arc, which saw a desert confrontation between the Dark Knight and his father, Flashpoint's Thomas Wayne. However, the story has been tweaked since it was originally written, leading to the cover change.

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Batman #73 by Tom King and Mikel Janin goes on sale June 19. Batman #74 goes on sale July 3.

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