Mister Miracle Team Drew Inspiration from Their Marriages for Scott/Barda Dynamic

When it came to establishing Scott and Barda's marriage in Mister Miracle, writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads didn't have to look far for inspiration. According to Gerads, they based Scott and Barda's relationship on their own marriages.

"Even if you take the heavy violence of Sheriff [of Babylon] and then you take something like 'Rooftops' with Batman and Selina, it's all kind of the human experience, which I think is what I was trying to get through is both the romance and the violence," Gerads explained to CBR at Comic-Con International in San Diego. "In Sheriff, I never wanted to glorify violence, but it's a thing that's prevalent in that space, so I wanted to make it the human experience of violence, like the real thing. Same with romance! I wanted to show how two people interact and that feeling of love and romance in especially 'Rooftops,' where it's kind of in the middle of that high of romance."

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"And then Scott and Barda has been like kind of the high point of my career is showing their romance, because -- like Tom [King] and I always say -- we love our actual wives very much! And so I get some first-hand experience of how Scott and Barda might interact. It's just been really fun to show a happily married couple in comics. It's usually people just kind of angsty about why they can't go on a date. So to get to show that has been a lot of fun."

King and Gerads’ Mister Miracle #11 goes on sale September 19.

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