Yes, Mister Miracle is Part Of Rebirth (And Dark Nights: Metal) Continuity


MINOR SPOILER WARNING for current DC comic storylines below.

Mister Miracle may have just released its second issue this week, but the critical and audience response has already been overwhelmingly positive for the new series. Of course, the title's innovative, off-kilter storytelling technique has also led some to wonder about its place in the overall DC Universe. Earlier today, writer Tom King (BatmanThe Visiontook to Twitter to clarify Scott Free's timeline, and in answering one question, generated others.

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"Yup. Mr. Miracle is part of Rebirth...and Metal...and Doomsday Clock. It's all one story," he responded when asked if his and artist Mitch Gerads' new series is set in the current continuity. So, while fans now know that the events in Mister Miracle take place in the same universe as DC's past, current, and future tentpole plotlines, it's left for people to wonder whether the results of Scott Free's saga will have any consequences for the larger picture.

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With both the second issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Dark Nights: Metal event hitting stands alongside Action Comics #987's reveal of Mr. Oz's identity yesterday, DC is barreling right along towards this fall's Doomsday Clock, which will see Doctor Manhattan and other Watchmen characters come into play to ramp things up in the Rebirth era's second year. So, while Mister Miracle is just beginning his cosmic adventure in the playground that Jack Kirby built, only time will tell if it eventually intersects with DC's other major shakeups on the horizon.

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