Mister Miracle Will Take a (Short) Break Between Issues 6 and 7


Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Mister Miracle is already shaping up to be DC Comics' breakout hit of 2017. The duo's take on Scott Free is breathing new life into Jack Kirby's New Gods, so when Gerads mentioned on Twitter that the title would take a short break between issues six and seven to let his schedule breathe, it is understandable that readers might take pause at the news.

Thankfully, the creative team has something special up their sleeves during the hiatus.

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The break between Mister Miracle #6-7 comes right at the midway point of the 12-issue series, which makes it the most logical point in the story to offer readers something different. Perhaps King will team with another artist for a special self-contained story that takes place during the events of Mister Miracle. An issue dedicated to Mister Miracle's wife Big Barda would be embraced, for example. Or what if the spotlight is placed on the villains of Apokolips, who have stricken a blow against New Genesis by killing its leader, the Highfather?

There are a number of different avenues Mister Miracle can embark on. After the reaction to the first two issues, it's safe to say fans will be present and accounted for to see what King and Gerads come up with next.

The next issue in the series, Mister Miracle #3, hits stands on October 11.

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