King & Gerads' Mister Miracle #1, 2 Getting New Printings


CBR has learned that both the second printing of Mister Miracle #1 and the first printing of Issue #2 have sold out at the distributor level. As a result, DC Comics will be sending both issues back to press for a third and second printing, respectively.

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Written by Tom King and illustrated by Mitch Gerads, Mister Miracle has proven to be one of the most anticipated and well-received comics of the DC Rebirth era. King and Gerads' story has presented a new take on Jack Kirby's classic New Gods mythology, striking a near-unanimous chord with readers and critics alike. CBR's Shaun Manning went so far as to describe the series' first issue as a story that "breaks the chains of the conventional superhero narrative, while at the same time being deeply immersed in the world of the fantastic."

Both reprints will arrive in stores on Oct. 18, one week after Mister Miracle #3 arrives on Oct. 11. While artist Nick Derington is providing the covers for the title's first printings, the Issue #1 reprint featured a recut and recolored version of series artist Mitch Gerads' variant cover. It is not yet known what art will grace the covers for next batch of reprints.

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