"Mister Majestic" Still Holds Up


"Mister Majestic" was a WildStorm title from 1999 that came out just around the time DC was buying up WildStorm. After a particularly memorable turn written by Alan Moore, the WildC.A.T.s character debuted in his own series from a trio of young comic aspirants: Brian Holguin, Joe Casey and Ed McGuinness.

Brian Holguin had come up through Top Cow, writing "Cyber Force" and a book called "Stone" nobody remembers that Whilce Portacio drew. He also had a turn writing "KISS Psycho Circus" for Todd McFarlane.

Joe Casey was the new hotness -- really, "Wizard" had even profiled him -- at Marvel writing "Cable" and "The Incredible Hulk."

Ed McGuinness had a star-making turn on "Deadpool," of course, as well as Rob Liefeld's "Fighting American."

In the summer of 1999, they joined forces on "Mister Majestic" for a memorable six-issue run.

The series, itself, ran 9 issues. Those last three were drawn by Eric Canete, who would then disappear into the world of animation, popping up in comics here and there. His latest, "RunLoveKill" is two issues into its run at Image right now. I'm not going to review his issues of "Mister Majestic" here just because, honestly, I can't find them. I know I have them somewhere. When I do finally come across them, I'll do a follow-up...

This week, I'll look at the first three issues of the series. Next week, we'll wrap it up with some extra bonus goodies. Let's get started:

ISSUE #1: "Cosmology"


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