20 Mistakes In The MCU Movies Only True Fans Noticed

From bombs to blasts, from falling buildings to tipped cars, from gunshots to fight scenes, each moment in a Marvel Comics film is meticulously created by literally thousands of people who are all working to ensure that the movie is absolutely perfect when it finally reaches the big screen. The amount of work and sheer manpower that goes into making a  superhero movie is phenomenal. However, those working behind the scenes of an MCU flick are still only human, which means that mistakes are occasionally going to be made. Sometimes it might be a prop appearing and disappearing between scenes. Other times, it's just simple errors, like when safety lines are not digitally erased as they are holding up the heroes. Then there are the mistakes that make no logical sense, which are more noticeable. Even the best actors or actresses make mistakes. On some occasions, those mistakes make it into the movie anyhow, as they are just too funny to pass up.

We're not here to shame the MCU. For the most part, these mistakes are only noticed by die-hard comic book fans and anyone who is above your casual movie watcher.  Yet, mistakes like these can still break the illusion of the movie, lessening their appreciation for the deepest fans. We've given you 20 mistakes in MCU movies, but trust us, there's a lot more out there.


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When Steve Rogers visits the Smithsonian to view Bucky Barnes' death tribute, he is visibly upset, as he misses his friend very much. Unfortunately, there's a glaring error in concerns of Bucky's birth and death date.

The text inscribed on a sheet of glass begins, "Born in 1916, Barnes grew up the oldest child of four," but concludes by listing the dates of his life as 1917-1944. While we don't know the official date of his birth, it gets even more confusing in The Avengers, where Bucky's birth date in his dossier is said to be 1922. So which is it?


Since when can a mixtape travel through time? One of the most unique things about Guardians of the Galaxy is its late 1960s and early '70s soundtrack. We get that amazing soundtrack thanks to the tapes that Peter Quill has kept since his mother passed away.

Peter's mom passed away in 1988, so it is safe to say that she made the tapes before her passing. However, we can see the logo of the mix-tapes, which indicates that they are TDK cassette tapes called CDing II, which were only released in 1993. So although it was a minor mistake, it was still one that the producers should have caught.


Many scenes, it turned out, were improvised in Guardians of the Galaxy. That's mostly due to the fact that Chris Pratt is famous for improvising his scenes while shooting. In the first GOTG, Star-Lord and his guardians are introduced to the Collector, who offers up an orb taken from planet Morag.

Funnily enough, he ends up dropping it! He didn't know it at the time, but he was holding an infinity stone! Is this improv or accident? Well, it turns out that the scene was not scripted and it was an honest mistake by Chris Pratt. However, the director loved that take because it was funny and so he decided to keep it in the final version of GOTG.


Spider-Man Homecoming

Usually, MCU movies are set in the year they are released. However, with the plotting in the movies having become so complicated, some scenes are set out of order. The most flagrant one was in the opening of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is said to have been set eight years before the main story.

Spider-Man was set in the year it was released, 2017, and supposedly picked up after the events of Captain America: Civil War. However, even the director admitted that the "eight years later" time jump in the movie is "just plain wrong." While it might seem right to us in terms of real time, in the MCU timeline, there should have only been a 5-year difference between the start of the movie and the setup of Homecoming. 


In Thor, during S.H.I.E.L.D.’s reconnaissance of Thor's hammer, the word “perimeter” is spelled as “perimiter” on a video screen. Apparently, it did not occur to anyone to use spell check. Then in Iron Man 2, there's a scene where Tony Stark had to testify before the US Senate Armed Services Committee, and in that particular scene, everything is okay.

However, later on, when Stark watches his testimony on C-SPAN, which covers political affairs in Washington DC, the video is titled  'Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark on Capital Hill'. Again, they should have really checked their spelling in this film. Tony Stark was not on Capital Hill, but Capitol Hill.


Making a movie that occurs in the past is often difficult for filmmakers and the production crew. These people can't drop the ball; they have to nail down each period detail, and they must ensure that everything is correct.

If you have anachronisms in the movies (and the MCU is full of them) and audiences catch it, the internet will definitely never let the producers forget it. For Captain America, the setting is World War II, but there's a glaring mistake in the military equipment. The Hydra ops are using FV432 APCs, but this vehicle first entered service some 20 years after the conflict’s end.


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When a film or movie is set in New York City, producers end up shooting in Toronto because its hard to get permission to film in the city. Besides, shooting in Toronto means production costs can be kept down, but we're never deceived. Are we supposed to believe Toronto is a stand-in for New York when all the buildings and places look nothing like the city? Even the MCU uses Toronto as New York.

For example, in The Incredible Hulk,  the fight scene is supposed to be happening in New York, but someone dropped the ball when it came to disguising Toronto, and this happened twice. When the Hulk and Abomination fight, it takes place in front of the Zanzibar, which is a club on Yonge Street in Toronto. Police cars are marked with the New York City police logo, but in a later shot, you can see a police car marked with "Toronto."


After Guardians of the Galaxy became a surprise hit, everyone wanted to know if the sequel would top the original. Thankfully, Guardians 2 blew up at the box office, but this being an MCU movie, there's always bound to be some continuity or some anachronistic problem. In this case, it happens early in the movie.

Kurt Russell and Star Lord's mom are walking in the woods behind the Dairy Queen, and she has on boots with fur tops as they walk down the hills. Then, after they come down the hill, she has sandals on while standing in the clearing near the god plant. Did she have two pairs of shoes on her? Probably not, so we have chalked this up to a continuity problem.


In Iron Man 3 a bad guy blows a hole in Air Force One and thirteen people are blown out and are free falling to the ground. Air Force One, of course, is the personal transportation of the President of the United States. Naturally, to protect the president, the plane is decked out in heavy protection, including windows that are bulletproof.

However, someone on the film failed to fact-check this fact, or the producers just ignored the problem. This can be either a mistake, or simply, part of the imagination that comes with Marvel movies. After all, the films are littered with things that happen that are out of the ordinary, so perhaps that falls under that category.


The Triskelion is otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Washington headquarters. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, towards the end of the film the Triskelion explodes. However, if you've got God's eyes, you would've noticed that earlier in the film, the building is missing from the skyline.

This is when Captain America, or Steve Rogers, goes on his morning run in the movie's opening and the building is noticeably absent from view. Someone forgot to add it in! It's funny how no one seems to notice or care though, as everyone seems to be so busy enjoying the playful banter between Sam and Steve.


Tony Stark is known for having a glowing Arc Reactor fixed in his chest. This orb, which glows blue, is Stark's life-saver. Thus, you can always see it glowing through the fabric of whatever top or shirt he's wearing.

However, in one instance, the orb fails to glow. which is when Stark is offering to fix Loki a drink while he stands behind his personal bar. Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt and for some reason, it's missing. It's definitely not on purpose because earlier in the film, Stark is wearing the same T-shirt, and the glow is visible.


The speed of sound is 343 meters per second. The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second. However, the creators behind the MCU probably had a difficult time in physics class back when they were in high school, as both light and sound travel at the same speed in their movies. Tony Stark's Jericho Missile is one example.

When the Jericho Missile explodes, the earth-shattering sound is heard before we see the light of the explosions. Thor's hammer is another example. We can both see and hear a sonic boom caused by Thor's hammer in the same instance. Both examples break the laws of physics. Just so you know, light travels faster than sound.


The end credit scenes in Marvel movies are always exciting to see. You never know what to expect. Deadpool pulls a Ferris Bueller when he breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience why they're still in the movie theater when the movie ended. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there are 5 end credit scenes. Five! Unfortunately, that means there is more room for mistakes.

We're talking about when Tony Stark meets Nick Fury. It's the first time that both characters share the same scene. The mistake happens when Stark enters the room and you can clearly see a member of the film crew reflected in the glass along the wall.


Edward Norton Incredible Hulk Bad On-Set Behavior

At one point during this movie, which all in all was not one of Marvel's better films, there is a mistake that should have been easy to catch. Unfortunately, it went unnoticed, and while it does not change the overall feel of the movie, it gives people the impression that those in charge of editing the film just didn't care enough to fix this minor detail.

At one point in the movie, when Bruce needs to make a quick grab for his wallet, he goes over to where his wallet is dropped open, his money poking out of it. When the scene pans away from him for only a moment and then goes back to the wallet, the money is suddenly out and ready for him to snatch.



In the Iron Man movies, Pepper Potts is known for being more than Tony's love interest. She is basically his right-hand man. Considering that, she is often seeing walking around with headsets, or with a phone attached to her, making calls and handling his business.

Tony goes on to say multiple times that the company would fall apart without her helping and basically running it, by the time he takes up the Iron Man mantle. During one scene, Pepper walks in the room with what seems like a Bluetooth in her ear, and once the camera pans back to her, it's suddenly gone!


Related image

At the end of The Avengers, after everyone saved the world from an alien invasion and sent Loki back to Asgard, they part ways and say goodbye to New York. Captain America, or Steve Rogers, rides off. But there are two inconsistencies in this small scene. First, he wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet, which is the law because he's still in New York. The second is a whopper of a surprise.

So Steve is riding, and the background is passing to show he's moving forward, but there's no wind as he rides. We know this because Steve's hair doesn't move, and his clothes are not billowing. So he has either super strong hair gel or this scene was shot in front of a blue screen and the background was added later.


Age of Ultron's best scene is arguably the chaotic highway fight scene where everything looks so real, as if the producers hadn't used the green screen. In any event, in the movie, Captain America jumps on top of a moving truck to battle Ultron. This scene shows just how powerful Cap is, and how he's so intent in restoring peace.

Naturally, Chris Evans is not as powerful as his counterpart Steve Rogers. So, for a brief moment, you can see a safety line holding actor Chris Evans as he's hanging on the side of the cab of the truck.


15 Most Scandalous Scenes In Comic Book Movies

Early on in The Avengers, Natasha Romanoff, aka The Black Widow, is being held captive by some henchmen. She decides to escape when she learns what has happened to her friend, Clint Barton. Unfortunately, she's tied to a chair, and the henchman is standing behind her. So she reverse headbutts him and suddenly she's free!

The problem is the henchman is standing too far away, and the gentle brushing of her against his face serves to knock him out cold. So even her hair has superpowers! In all seriousness, they should have just made the henchman lean more towards her to have the whole thing seem more believable.


After Steve Rogers is injected with the Super Soldier Serum, he's transformed from a 95-pound weakling who looks as if he's being starved, into a taller person who has massive muscles and abs for days. He's shirtless, but he still has the pants he wore when he went under. If he had been buffed up, then so would his thighs, glutes, and calves.

A company specializing in digital cosmetic enhancement was responsible for this change in Roberts, but even supervisor Edson Williams can make a mistake. They were so worried that Evan's biceps, that they failed to make his snug pants rip.


Peggy Carter Captain America The First Avenger

On occasions, actors make mistakes that are captured on film. We're not talking about an infinity stone dropped to the ground. We're talking about an embarrassing mistake. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers is transformed from a lanky 95-pound wimp into a hunky muscled-up stud.

When Peggy Carter appears, she is so mesmerized by Rogers' muscular body that she immediately reaches out and touches his pecs. Or, as actress Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) told Vanity Fair, when she saw Evans with his “top off” for the first time, she just impulsively went for it. This, however, was not in the script. The actress Hayley Atwell admitted that because this was the first time she saw the Cap shirtless, her instincts went into overdrive and she couldn't help herself. The instinct was left in the final version of the movie.

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