A Mission: Impossible VR Game Is Currently in Development

Mission Impossible Tom Cruise

The Mission: Impossible franchise is at the height of its revitalization after the past three movies all scored above 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with its most recent installment, Mission: Impossible - Fallout holding a current score of 97 percent on the movie rating website -- highest mark of any of the franchise's six films.

Now, instead of watching Tom Cruise run like the wind on the big screen, Mission: Impossible fans will be able to run like Cruise, thanks to a new virtual reality game in development based on the action movie series.

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According to Deadline, the virtual reality company Nomadic is teaming up with VR game developer and publisher VWERX to develop a location-based virtual reality game, which will consist of an original story based off the Mission: Impossible franchise. Taking users out of the confines of their own homes, the location-based aspect will allow users to navigate through areas and objects specifically designed to enhance the virtual reality experience, such as opening doors or climbing stairs.

Details of when the game will be released are not yet known, but it will be opened to "select markets around the world." Nomadic has a location in Orlando, Florida, home of their location-based game Arizona Sunshine, which brings the thrill of a zombie apocalypse to life. The company also has plans to expand to locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

VRWERX is known for their virtual reality game Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, which is also in partnership with Paramount and is based on the Paranormal Activity movie franchise. That game can be found on PlayStation VR.

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"We love Mission: Impossible," said Alex Barder, Co-Managing Partner of VRWERX. "We're extraordinarily excited to enable audiences to experience first hand the thrill of being an IMF agent in this high-tech, adrenaline-charged universe. In addition to strategic gameplay, our proprietary movement system enables us to innovate running, climbing, fighting, and many other impossible stunts the fabled franchise inspires."



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