Which Mission: Impossible - Fallout Trailer Scenes Don't Appear in the Film

Mission Impossible Fallout

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Mission: Impossible — Fallout, in theaters now.

The Mission: Impossible franchise made a name for itself with action sequences that keep audiences on the edge of their seats, a signature feature that's taken to a new level with the sixth installment, Fallout.

The trailers teased several key sequences, including the famous skydive into Paris, and the helicopter chase involving Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and Henry Cavill's rogue CIA agent, August Walker. However, given the quantity of stunts written into Christoper McQuarrie's script, not everything that thrilled viewers in the trailers made it into theaters.

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With a run time of 147 minutes, some of those sequences obviously had to be cut, along with sequences depicting the lengths Hunt has to go to prevent a nuclear holocaust. Let's take a look at some the sequences that didn't make it past the editing bay.

Mission: Pakistan

Hunt & Co. have to travel to Kashmir in the finale to stop the detonation of two nuclear bombs. However, previews showed extra details that confirmed their ride wasn't as smooth as the film made it out to be. The Super Bowl teaser, in particular, depicted Hunt's squad -- including MI6 agent Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) -- in their Jeep investigating some dead cops as well as a mysterious base.

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The footage depicted Hunt cautiously entering the base and walking down the steps in the dark while gripping his pistol, hinting they were about to encounter the film's villains, the Apostles. Hopefully, that sequence will be explained in a director's cut, because in the movie, they already knew where to find the spy and double agent Walker and his Apostles in Pakistan. They already knew the location was a medical facility run by Hunt's ex-wife, Julia, so there wasn't any need for a pit-stop.

Helicopter vs. Truck

In the finale, Hunt had to recover the bombs' detonator from Walker, which led to an epic helicopter chase. The studio didn't give away too much in the trailers, but one scene from the Super Bowl spot was omitted from the film: the final shot of Hunt's helicopter set to crash into a truck.

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Obviously, he'd have pulled up at the last minute, but in an interview, the director said there was "just so much action," it was one of the shots that unfortunately had to go. It certainly would have built up fans' anxiety had it been kept in, because Hunt didn't know how to pilot a helicopter.

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