Mission: Impossible - Fallout's 6 Best Action Sequences

Mission Impossible - Fallout

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Mission: Impossible — Fallout, in theaters now.

The Mission: Impossible franchise is known for mind-blowing stunts, whether it's Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt dangling from rooftops and cliffs, scaling skyscrapers, or racing through cities on motorcycles, cars or trucks. The sixth film, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie's Fallout, ups the ante, delivering gravity-defying set pieces and chase sequences unlike any audiences have ever seen.

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The film certainly embodies the adage "Go big or go home!" as Fallout's ambitious scenes set it apart from not only from the rest of the franchise, but the rest of the genre. With that in mind, let's look at six of the best action sequences from Ethan Hunt's latest adventure.

6. Helicopter vs. Helicopter

Fallout follows Hunt as he pursues the terrorists called the Apostles in hopes of preventing a nuclear detonation in Pakistan. To do so, he needs to get the detonator from CIA traitor August Walker (Henry Cavill), so his team on the ground can disarm the weapons. Walker leaves Karachi in a helicopter, not realizing Hunt is climbing his way onto a backup chopper meant to provide protection.

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What ensues is a heart-stopping battle in which Hunt nearly falls to his death, finally gets into the helicopter, takes out the guards and pilots it himself. Oh, yeah, and he's never flown one before. That leads to a chase sequence you'd expect to see on the highway in Fast and Furious movies, with Hunt trying to ram Walker, and Walker looking to shoot down the IMF agent.

It's one of Cruise's most thrilling scenes as he fumbles around with the chopper, barely evading the Pakistani terrain, before they crash into the snowy mountains.

5. The Cliff Fight

That helicopter scene flows right into this finale as both aircraft are lodged in between two cliffs. Thanks to some dynamic cinematography and editing, the aircraft come crashing down, with the duo barely escaping death. They then duke it out, with Walker angry that his face has been burned from the helicopter's fuel.

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It's a straight-up brawl with the men literally on the edge. Eventually, they go over the side, and attempt to scale back up the cliff using the cable attached to Hunt's helicopter (which is still perched on the cliff). As the hero gains the upper hand, he pulls the chopper down onto Walker, and jumps onto the cliff, clinging on for dear life.

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