Mission: Impossible Director Tried to 'Accommodate' Justice League Reshoots

It's been a long time since Justice Leage hit theaters and blessed (or cursed) us with the amazing pop culture moment that was the film's attempts to blur out Henry Cavill's mustache. Cavill had grown out the mustache for Mission: Impossible -- Fallout and was contractually obligated to keep it, but a mustachioed Superman just wouldn't do.

Fans have long wondered if there was any way Justice League or M:I6's crew could have helped Cavill out with the mustache predicament, but, according to M:I6 director Christopher McQuarrie, he and his team did their best to accommodate the superhero film's reshoots.

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While addressing a fan question about if it would have been easier to make Cavill wear a fake mustache rather than impacting Justice League, McQuarrie wrote via Twitter, "The short answer: We made every effort to accommodate [Justice League] without negatively impacting our movie. There was nothing we could do." He also wrote he'd talk about Mustache-gate at length on Empire Magazine's spoiler podcast.

His response echoes a response he gave to a fan on Twitter in May about the importance of Cavill's mustache actually being real instead of fake, writing: "Fake mustaches don't stay on at 100 mph."

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