Miss Martian: The Hidden Lives of the Young Justice and Supergirl Hero

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Although she's a fan-favorite character for Young Justice fans everywhere, Miss Martian is a relatively new addition to the DC Universe, first appearing in 2006's Teen Titans #37 by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel. Since her creation, the character has appeared in other media adaptations of the DCU including Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls and the live-action Supergirl series on The CW where she has found a much wider audience.

With Young Justice: Outsiders poised to return for its mid-season premiere in a few weeks, here's a primer on M'gann M'orzz, from her comic book origins to her appearances in various DC television adaptations.

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Miss Martian was initially created because Johns and Daniel didn't have access to Supergirl to join the Teen Titans at the time, so they created M'gann to take her spot on the roster. As a White Martian that doesn't have the same antagonism shown by other members of her race, M'gann M'orzz's power and abilities are appropriately similar the Martian Manhunter. These include super strength, speed, enhanced senses, telepathy, intangibility, flight, invisibility, shape-shifting, telekinesis, x-ray vision, heat vision, a healing factor and decelerated aging. Despite being decades old, M'gann's Martian physiology makes her physically resemble a teenager.

Miss Martian joins the Teen Titans sometime after the Infinite Crisis in the mid-2000s, taking on the simplified name Megan Morse. After an encounter with her evil future self, M'gann struggles to contain the darker impulses of her White Martian physiology and leaves the team for a time to calm her mind. In the DC Rebirth era, it is the Martian Manhunter who assigns Miss Martian to join the Teen Titans as a liaison between the two teams. Eventually it is revealed that J'onn had placed M'gann on the team to for her well-being with her teammates to help keep her White Martian impulses in check.


Miss Martian in Young Justice

Introduced as the niece of the Martian Manhunter at the start of the animated series Young Justice, M'gann took her Earth name and physical appearance from an old sitcom Hello, Megan! which she watched growing up on Mars. After joining the team, M'gann claims to be a Green Martian to help earn the team's trust and begins a romantic relationship with Superboy. Eventually Miss Martian meets Marie Logan, the actress who starred on Hello, Megan! and gives her a son a life-saving blood transfusion which inadvertently leads him to develop shape-shifting powers and become the superhero Beast Boy, with M'gann later becoming the boy's surrogate mother figure.

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By the start of Young Justice: Outsiders, Miss Martian has admitted to her White Martian physiology and embraced it, taking her pale, white, hairless form. Now living with Superboy, she is unhappy when he answers Nightwing's call to rejoin the team but concedes after accepting Superboy's subsequent marriage proposal.


In Supergirl, M'gann is a White Martian who abhors the violence between her race and the Green Martians and attempts to save refugees from the conflict on Mars. Failing this, M'gann retreats to Earth where she quietly lives on the planet under the human disguise of Megan Morse. Upon learning her true identity, the Martian Manhunter blames her as part of her race for the death of his family and has her imprisoned at D.E.O. headquarters.

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J'onn eventually learns of M'gann humanitarian efforts back on Mars and has her released. The two enter a romantic relationship and she assists the D.E.O. in repelling an attempted Daxamite invasion of Earth in the Season 2 finale. M'gann leads a faction of pacifist surviving White Martians back to Mars following the Daxamite's defeat and reunites J'onn with his missing father during Season 3.

As a character trying to overcome the hostile implications of her heritage, Miss Martian has a much different appreciation of humanity than her surrogate uncle. With the character more comfortable with being honest about her White Martian background going into the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders and reintroduced in the comics during DC Rebirth, Miss Martian is well on her way to joining the most elite sphere of DC's heroes.

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