Mirrormask, Son of the Mask, Sin City, Elektra: December 8th Comic Reel Wrap


A scooper at Superhero Hype caught a special appearance of Dave McKean, who talked about the Neil Gaiman adaptation. "He introduced them saying he completed the movie only a couple of days earlier and telling how difficult it was doing such a complex movie on the shoestring budget they gave him ... the first one was a musical number in which golden robotic mannequins springing from some sort of carillon boxes, transform the young Helena, the main character of the movie, from a bland looking girl into a punk-like Alice in wonderland. The second one was the attempt from the Queen of Shadows to capture Helena and her friend Valentine, trying to escape her. It starts with the Queen having a sort of meeting with some grotesque counsellors, when a little porcupine creature comes in to inform that Helena has fled. Dave McKean himself acted as a model for the motion capture of the little porcupine. Dave himself later told that he plans to adapt another collaboration with Neil Gaiman 'Signal to Noise' as a movie."


Comingsoon.net has the poster, new pictures and other goodies from the Dark Horse sequel.


IGN's FilmForce caught a quote from Marv himself, Mickey Rourke, about the ensemble crime drama. "You know about Frank Miller," Rourke said. "We shot it all with green screen in Austin, Texas. We didn't leave the set. Once again, it was great working with Robert. Robert reminds me of sort of a young Coppola. When I did 'Rumble Fish' years ago with Francis, he was innovative and out there like Robert. He's like a genius. He's only like thirty-six years old and he makes acting a lot of fun and easy for you because he's so well prepared and his stuff is so far out that you get an opportunity to work in a way that you normally might not think about going to work everyday." The allegedly anti-social actor also said that had no problem with the green screens. "Someone like me doesn't mind that. I had a scene with some young actor and he wasn't even there and he came up and introduced himself to me. I said, 'Oh, maybe one day we'll get to work together.' Really, if you see the movie, it does look like we're working together, but he wasn't there."


The official website for the soundtrack has been launched by Wind-up Records.


Producer Peter Frankfurt dropped some quotes at Comics Continuum about the Wesley Snipes-fueled Marvel sequel, due to be released today. "The second movie kind of went underground and became more stylized, more unto itself. This movie aims to go back into the world, to feel loser in almost a documentary style, as if we're catching fragments of a war and its spilling onto the streets. Our cinematographer, Gabriel Beristain, also shot 'Blade II,' and one of the reasons he was excited to come back was to work with David Goyer (writer/director) and also because what we wanted to do was so completely different from the previous film. So he really gets to stretch and try different things. The unifying common thread is, of course, Wesley Snipes as Blade. He's so distinctive in his look and his bearing, and that doesn't change, no matter what the palate is, no matter what the film stock is, what the film rate is. He's still Blade."


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