Mirror Mask, Demon Gun, Whiz Kids, More: Comics2Film wrap for July 16, 2003


On Friday evening Jim Henson Pictures will present attendees of Comic-Con Internationalwith "Mirror Mask."

Thenew movie is written Comic-Con guest of honor Neil Gaiman and directed byGaiman's frequent comic collaborator Dave McKean. The movie tells of a circusperformer, Helena (Stephanie Leonidas), caught between the kingdoms of light anddark.

Gaiman and McKean will conduct a Q & A and show preview images fromthe film. Executive producers Lisa Henson ("Good Boy!") and MichaelPolis ("Kermit's Swamp Years") will also be on hand. 

Fans who won't be going toComic-Con can find a first look at the movie in the latest issue of EntertainmentWeekly. The magazine presents this image (right) of Dark Queen Gina McKeepondering Helena's fate.

The "Mirror Mask" presentation runs from4:30pm - 6pm in rooms 6CDEF.



From a press release:

Grand DesignCommunications, a global licensing agency representing comic book andcartoon based properties, announced yesterday the completion of a motion pictureoption agreement for Gary Cohn and Barry Orkin's graphic novel, "DemonGun." 

YellowHat Productions has optioned film and television rights for the graphicnovel. 

"Demon Gun" was originally published as a three issue series in1996 by Crusade Publishing, and was recently published as a graphic novel in theFrench market by publisher Esprit Livres. The graphic novel, written by Cohn andillustrated by Orkin, is represented for worldwide licensing by Grand DesignCommunications.

"Demon Gun," a chilling, supernatural story of vengeance set in theold American west, tells the story of Preacher Howe and his quest for revengeagainst the man who murdered his family and flock. The book brings togethermeticulous historical research with an understanding of the Bible and Psalms,resulting in a tale of frontier justice -- with a twist.

Cohn is well known for his writing work at DC Comics and Crusade Fine Arts.At DC, Gary and frequent writing partner Dan Mishkin co-created the titles"Blue Devil" and "Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld."

"I'm really excited about the prospect of 'Demon Gun' reaching a wholenew audience via television and film," Cohn says. "When I firstcreated Preacher Howe many years ago I felt a strong affinity for the character,and once Barry Orkin brought him to life with his stunning visuals, I knew wehad a property with great potential. Now that Grand Design and Yellow Hat havearranged this option deal I believe that the tale of 'Demon Gun' has only justbegun."

"I loved working on this book. The old American West is rich withinteresting clothing, weapons and scenery to draw. It was also fun to depict thesupernatural elements," says Orkin, a resident of Jackson Heights, New Yorkwho attended LIU Southampton and studied fine art under Robert Munford. He alsoattended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where he studied Illustrationunder Andrew Gernt and Herbert Katzman

The principals of Yellow Hat are Paul Davids and Hollace Davids. 

Paul has produced, written and or directed such films as "Roswell"(starring Kyle MacLachlan and Martin Sheen), "Starry Night" and"Timothy Leary's Dead." 

Hollace, who has produced several films with her husband, Paul, is Sr. V.P.of Special Projects for Universal Pictures and for three years was President ofWomen in Film. Paul's background is with Marvel Productions, where hecoordinated production of 90 episodes of "The Transformers," some ofwhich he also wrote.

"Gary Cohn and Barry Orkin have created a compelling and unforgettablework in 'Demon Gun,'" says Paul Davids. "It's truly haunting, and Ithink it is powerfully dramatic material for a film. Preacher Howe is a dynamiccharacter just waiting for his chance to burn his power into the public mind. Ifeel Yellow Hat was truly fortunate to develop a creative and businessrelationship with Gary, Barry and David Bernstein of Grand DesignCommunications." 

The Davids are also noted for a series of six "Star Wars" novelsthey wrote for Lucasfilm and Bantam in the early 1990's, which have beeninternational best sellers.

"I'm very happy that 'Demon Gun' is the first Grand DesignCommunications represented property to be optioned for filmed entertainmentrights," said Grand Design Communications President David Bernstein."Grand Design as been the leading American licensing agency representingcomics for foreign publication, and with this move we continue to grow in newareas. We have several more properties we are shopping around for film and TVsales, including 'The Futurians' by X-Men co-creator Dave Cockrum. We hope thisis just the first of more announcements to come"



AAA American Entertainment chief Philip Cable has announced an upcomingcasting call for his new comic-based feature "Whiz Kids."

The movie is based on the nostalgic comics of the same name, spinning out of"Big Bang Comics" and published by Image.

"Whiz Kids" is the code name for a team of wholesome teenagesuperheroes and superheroines who are being trained in the effective use theirpowers by a mysterious senior citizen who was once a masked crime fighter. AAAwill be seeking actors to fill out the team roster.

The audition will take place on Tuesday, July 29th, between the hours of 6:30pm and 9:00 pm at the "What's Up Europe" apparel gallery in Visalia,California.

The gallery is located on 124 West Main Street. Clickhere for directions.

The movie will star Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in the 1950's TV show"The Adventures of Superman." 

It will also feature martial arts star Lorin Taylor as the comic bookcharacter Masker. Taylor previously played Masker in the direct-to-video film"Knights of Justice", also based on "Big Bang."




Malcolm Harris of Manga Graphix writesin to ask fans bound for Comic-Con Internationalto stop by and visit booth 1849, where the all-ages publisher will be makingtheir first appearance at the convention.

If you stop in and tell them, "Comics2Film sent me" they'll giveyou a discount on the first issue of their new books "Witch Girls" and"Witch Girl Tales."

So stop in with the secret password, or at least say, "hi."



The"Daredevil" DVD is due in stores July 29th, but Comics2Film and 20thCentury Fox are giving you the chance to claim your own copy for free!

Fox is providing us with five copies of the 2-disc set to passon to you, the faithful reader.

Just signup for our giveawayat Comics2Film.com between now and July 27th for your chance to win. 



Comics2Filmhas teamed up with Devil'sDue Publishing to give fan artists a chance to see their artwork inprint. 

We're looking for a few good pencil and inkgurus to work up a faux cover for the "G.I. Joe" comic. The top threeentries will be published in the pages of upcoming Devil's Due comics.

We'vejust launched the contest, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Click overto the Comics2Film.comwebsite for complete details and official rules. Then draw that cover!

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