Miramax, Weinsteins Agree To Special Sequel Deal

Five years after the Weinstein brothers left Miramax, they're returning to the independent studio for a new partnership that'll create sequels to some of its most well-known hit movies.

The Weinstein's new company, the appropriately-named Weinstein Company, has signed an agreement with Miramax to create sequels to Bad Santa, Rounders and Shakespeare in Love, with follow-ups for Bridget Jones’s Diary, Copland, From Dusk Till Dawn, Swingers, Clerks, Shall We Dance, and The Amityville Horror waiting in the wings. The partnership will also extend to new material for special edition DVDs for previous Miramax movies.

In the press release announcing the partnership, Miramax CEO Mike Lang said,

We are thrilled and honored to work with Harvey and Bob Weinstein. There is no better partner to build on these great films and turn them into franchises, while also creating exciting new TV properties.

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