Minx Launches This Week with "The Plain Janes"

The Plane Janes, the first title from DC Comics' new Minx imprint, goes on sale this week. CBR News spoke with writer Cecil Castellucci as well as artist Jim Rugg about Minx's first offering, which has already received high marks from major mainstream press outlets including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Family Circle Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist and Scripps Howard News Service. The imprint has also received considerable attention from Wizard Magazine, Comic's Buyer's Guide, Newsarama and we here at CBR. Additionally, Castellucci will be a guest blogger on Blog@Newsarama throughout the month of May.

And expect even more media coverage to come fast and furious in the weeks to come with coverage scheduled to run in The Boston Globe, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Times, Teen Vogue and Wall Street Journal and on CNN.com.

Here's a snapshot of some pre-publication rave reviews:

  • "DC Comics' imprint of graphic novels for girls, Minx, starts off with a bang." - Publishers Weekly
  • "A smart, fresh and funny look at high school drama." - Justine Magazine
  • "Thought-provoking . . . The art, inspired by Dan Clowes' work, is absolutely engaging.   Packaged like manga, this is a fresh, exciting use of the graphic-novel format." - Booklist
  • "Cool." - Paste Magazine
  • "Exactly the sort of book that'll bring non-comics readers to the medium, as Minx clearly aims to do." - The Onion
  • "Rugg's pristine, expressive style in THE PLAIN JANES has energy, personality, and beauty akin to Jaime Hernandez's Locas .   Castellucci's story echoes such teen TV as Veronica Mars and Freaks And Geeks as she tells of Jane, a city girl whose parents seek suburban safety after she's wounded during a terrorist attack in her neighborhood." - LA City Beat
  • "Irresistible . . . When compared to most comics fare meant for teen readers, THE PLAIN JANES stands out as smart, subtle, and very relevant to today's world . . . Adults could certainly enjoy THE PLAIN JANES as well, especially adults still in touch with their inner adolescent." - Playback

The Plain Janes (FEB070235) will arrive in stores on May 16, and is available now for advance reorder. For more on the new Minx line, see our interview with author Mike Carey about his forthcoming Minx title, ReGifters.

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