'Minority Report' Renames Washington Redskins

Fox's upcoming television series "Minority Report" won't premiere until September but without question we can say they've already gained points for doing one thing right.

According to Deadline, in 2065 where the series takes place, the Washington D.C. NFL football team is named the Washington Red Clouds as opposed to the racist slur the team currently sports and that team owner Dan Snyder refuses to change. Executive Producers Darryl Frank and Kevin Falls explained that the team is named after the renowned and respected Indian Chief. Interestingly, the name change even allows the team to keep the same brand symbol and mascot, something opponents of changing the team name use as a basis of argument, for some reason.

The executive producers stated that this was just one of the changes viewers will notice, also citing a "cooler public transportation system" and some changes to the national monuments.

Based on and taking place 15 years after the Steven Spielberg adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story, "Minority Report" stars Stark Sands and Meagan Good and premieres on Fox September 21.

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