Minnesota mother objects to <i>Bone</i>'s content and library availability

A parent in a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, has filed a complaint with the school district objecting to the content in the fourth volume of Jeff Smith's popular Bone series.

Ramona DeLay of Apple Valley told Sun Newspapers she was "a little shocked" that her son, and elementary-school student, was reading a graphic novel depicting drinking, smoking and gambling. She filed a formal request to the school district on on March 15 asking that the book be "withdrawn from all students." In the complaint, DeLay also cited "sexual situations between characters."

The district's Reconsideration Review Committee will meet on April 27 to consider DeLay's request.

I'm certainly only guessing, but I imagine this has to be one of the very few times that Smith's bestselling, and multiple-award-winning, series has been challenged. Tom Spurgeon has additional commentary.

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